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  1. Haniger is a sell high. His BABIP is too high and then there’s his projections.
  2. Class is the only one who isn’t really a closer as he’s part of a committee so him.
  3. Eflin is the best player in the deal and could end up becoming an ace. 3.16 FIP 3.03 xFIP. Last year 3.39 FIP 3.23 xFIP. Bell is a streaky one dimensional waiver wire player.
  4. You shouldn’t have so many hitters on the bench. Your bench spots should go to pitchers. You have way too few relievers. Drop Taylor for him. On a side note why are you rostering Yarbrough?
  5. None of these guys are closers, so go with who will likely get the most save chances or wins the closing job. I’d just stick with what I have or maybe drop Pomeranz for him.
  6. Pitching depth is more important in H2H when hitter hot streaks change their worth weekly.
  7. Let’s not overrate Bieber here. The difference between him and Woodruff isn’t that big when you also consider that Woodruff is on a better team and in a better league for pitchers (so far).
  8. Sounds like the LM and him are the same person. Odd how the guy misses the draft that the LM was in. Odd how the LM won’t kick him and “runs his team” but the guy makes trades.
  9. Clint is better and it’s not close.
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