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  1. Probably a dumb question, but in a 7 inning came does a starter still have to go 5 to qualify for a W? Assuming the rule is constant but figured I'd check.
  2. Yup, although he did give up 3 singles after that which isn't great and almost made things a lot worse. That cutter is still filthy though.
  3. Clase should just take a page out of Karinchak's book and just K the side instead of giving up hits tsk tsk. (yes I am being sarcastic and yes, I am a bitter Karinchak owner).
  4. I know it's still early but WAY too many H/BB once again. On a guy they're likely not going to push innings wise that inefficiency is really going to limit his W potential. At least their bullpen is good.
  5. He was dropped in one of my leagues. Ses premature but I also can't blame the guy. He was been flat out bad.
  6. Thoughts on Moncada? Talked myself into the COVID theory to explain last year but he's continuing to struggle this year too with linger SO issues. Still it's hard to buy a guy that talented and young falling off the cliff like this. Owners could be getting antsy.
  7. I have absolutely no fantasy or real life investment in this guy, but for whatever reason his slow start bums me out. Maybe it's carrying over from following him as a prospect, I dunno. I'm pulling for him to figure it out.
  8. Nope. In that format I'm not budging on him for anything less than an absolutely ludicrous return, and as great as Cole/JRam/Kershaw are they are 30/28/33 respectively. If this is a league you expect to last for long time that's potentially 5-10 years age difference. Not even factoring in the risk of drop off being as high as it is in pitchers. Hard for me to justify moving a guy like Acuna in that format without getting back a Soto, Tatis or even Vlad aged/talent type plus. If the centerpiece of the deal is a late 20s guys like Ramirez/Betts/Turner/Yelich/Story etc I need more than 2 30+
  9. Hasn't been an issue for Muncy for some reason. Not sure if I'm just getting lucky or what the deal is but he seems like one of the few guys on that white team who plays almost every day. We'll see how that plays out.
  10. Didn't mean to imply it was an acute fall off or a sign of injury etc. Just that it's a bit lower than is FB speed from previous years. 2019-2020 he averaged 92 on his fastball. Clearly the improved control has been working well for him so far.
  11. Guy has looked good so far. Velocity is down but slider looks great and riding a 17K:3BB ratio in 18 innings so far. Pen is going to blow some games for him and I doubt he blows us away with K numbers like in spring training, but still looking very solid considering his 200+ ADP.
  12. 18 IP, 17K, 3BB, and 2 ER on the year so far. Hasn't allowed more than 3 runs since August of 2019. Relatively weak division. Slider looks good. Haven't seen any signs of pine tar on him yet! EDIT: someone beat me to the pine tar joke 😪
  13. That was my impression but couldn't find anything saying that explicitly. Double teaming a game with Archer it's not as if you could even use him as a cheap source of wins if Archer is used as the "opener" so would pretty much render him useless.
  14. Anyone know what the deal is with Rich Hill and the Rays? His first start was a planned split start, second start seemed more traditional, and today is...? He could be an interesting (selective) streaming option this year but not if he's splitting starts sporadically.
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