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  1. clevinger is a healthy young man. its selfish to ask him (or anyone) to never go out anywhere.
  2. is this where this Gif came form? this you?
  3. i dunno, its looking like him or Acuna (depending on next 40 games but tatis is ahead right now) are the most dynamic HR/SB guys. If tatis is healthy all this year, you will be looking at a full season (140+ games ish). acuna was going first based on 1 season and maybe a little more... Of course this can change if Yelich heats up and runs a little or Trout just goes ham
  4. ya they said pick up tauchman if still available
  5. if draft were today i might be taking him first. anyone else?
  6. edit meh. hes like 25, he has more of a chance dying in a bus crash than covid. but the 2nd pitch looked like a bad breaking pitch. not sure he shoulda charged, covid or not.
  7. good he shouldnt be allowed to. its unfair to people who actuall play defense its probably a combination of natural decline, not watching tape, and not stealing signs like 2018 (thought covid made us forget that one didnt you sox fans hehe)
  8. damn, Sonny Gray giving up 3 in the 6 to blow the win and QS at least Lance Lynn is looking solid again
  9. LOL i jinxed it back to back homeruns
  10. yes. check game thread for my analysis fastball not quite the 95-97 when hes really dealing, its more like 93. but his slider/curve are looking excellent.
  11. paxton, 10 ks through 5.2 fastball still not at 95. its more like 93. but his slider/curve are looking REALLY good. hes only at 69 pitches somehow too...hope you guys didnt drop
  12. gardner has great numbers vs morton and ford might too
  13. what the hell could of caused this? hitting version of the yips?
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