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  1. Green Bay Packers suggest Aaron Jones won’t be given franchise tag https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/green-bay-packers-suggest-aaron-jones-won-t-be-given-franchise-tag/ar-BB1ea6wN
  2. Any reason teams and players can’t work together on a mutually beneficial tag & trade? For example, Steelers want Jones, and Jones wants to accept a contract being offered by Pittsburgh. Green Bay says ok Aaron, we’ll let you go but we need to get something out of the deal, so they all agree to tag and trade him to Steelers. Everyone wins?
  3. I read something suggesting Green Bay may indeed tag him, but only to then trade him.
  4. Well said. Though, I do wonder if the emergence of a talented back like Dobbins combined with a huge long-term contract for LJ will result in a slight offensive philosophy shift. The last thing Baltimore wants to do is give LJ this massive contract only to see him break his leg, tear his ACL, etc. With a back like Dobbins, it makes a lot of sense to scale back LJ’s role as a rusher a bit and give Dobbins a larger share of the rushing work, with Edwards having a role as well. I’m not suggesting LJ isn’t going to run, as that’s clearly a key to his game. I’m suggesting a more subtle shi
  5. The point you’re missing is that many of those LJ runs between the 20’s would otherwise be passing plays were LJ a more traditional QB. LJ isn’t stealing carries from JK, he’s stealing pass attempts from himself. I mean sure, JK’s upside may be “capped” because he won’t get a Derrick Henry type workload, but few RBs do anymore. Based on his usage over the second half of 2020, and the expected increase in usage in year two as the lead RB from week 1, Dobbins is likely going to receive mid-range RB1 average carries per game in 2021. With his ability and efficiency, and even a small role in
  6. Dobbins losing prime carries in the red zone to LJ is no different than Aaron Jones losing prime carries to Rodgers who chooses to throw more instead of run.
  7. I’m not sure I buy into that narrative. Dobbins averaged 13.6 carries per game from week 8 on, as a rookie in a timeshare. Logic dictates that his carries will go up in 2021, and they will likely be right in the middle of the RB1 pack in carries per game. The fact that Baltimore runs so much in general more or less offsets the amount of carries LJ gets. As far as LJ vulturing rushing TDs, it’s really no different than traditional QB’s throwing TD passes near the goal line. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t vulture as many rushing TDs as LJ, but he throws more TDs near the goal line. Really no di
  8. Oops. Been bouncing back & forth between the two.
  9. The play yesterday doesn’t affect me one way or another. That said, I don’t understand the logic and/or the spirit of the rule. As has been mentioned, anytime a player fumbles out of bounds anywhere on the field it’s NOT a turnover. The only time it’s considered a turnover is when the ball is fumbled into the end zone and subsequently out of bounds. Why is that considered a turnover? Why isn’t every fumble that goes out of bounds anywhere on the field a turnover? Why the inconsistency? If a player fumbles out of bounds at the 1 yard line it’s no big deal, they retain possession at th
  10. Nothing more than a gut feeling, but I just have a feeling that somehow Jerry Jones makes Deshaun Watson the starting QB for the Dallas Cowboys in 2021. What an offense that would be. If Jones can somehow add Watson without losing any key offensive weapons in the process he should do it and they would immediately be a SB contender despite a bad defense. Talk about a recipe for offensive fireworks. Even if he had to trade Zeke to make it work. Make Pollard the lead RB and center the offense around Watson & Co. The Cowboys become the Chiefs of the NFC, and one of the most exciting teams in t
  11. I mean, anything’s possible. Ronald Jones looked really good much of this year and is still on his rookie contract, right? Fournette could probably be brought back cheaply, and Vaughn exists. I just don’t see the need matching the expense in Tampa.
  12. For the sake of discussion, IF Aaron Jones plays for another team in 2021, which teams are the likely suitors? Which teams would be interested in paying top dollar for Jones, and how is his value affected based on landing spot? Arizona Cardinals- Possibly? They have Drake/Edmonds but it was a disappointing season overall for AZ. Jones is an upgrade and could be a difference-making weapon on that team. I’d say his value stays the same, or maybe increases in AZ based on increased usage on what should be a potent, fast paced offense. Atlanta Falcons- Definite suitor. They need a lead RB, an
  13. How are you quantifying/factoring in Brown’s expected improvement in year 3? Or are you thinking his best days are behind him at 23 years old?
  14. Fair enough, I get where you’re coming from. I suppose debating a player’s “draft position value” is really just another (more complicated) way of debating rankings, by introducing more complicated variables, unknowns, and personal draft strategies/preferences.
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