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  1. Eagles D is good at home, Probably slight lean to Eagles over Cowboys.
  2. Probably starting over Golden Tate and James Conner since I doubt he plays.
  3. Sure, but we are kidding ourselves that if this was Green Bay they may force it instead of Detroit. If they lose this game it isn't because Cook didn't play, it is some other reason like the defense laying an egg.
  4. 13 point favorites, I think they sit him.
  5. Even if he wasn't going to play he would still say he will play so the Lions have to prepare for him.
  6. Many of their players just had a monster fantasy game including White, Brady and Edelman.
  7. He hasn't been a fantasy disaster but in terms of real NFL games he has been at many times. He needs to get his fumbling under control.
  8. Eagles defense plays pretty well at home, held Patriots and Seahawks in check for the most part. Wouldn't count on that.
  9. It's more about contacting the person and knowing where they are right now.
  10. To me it is a team further back in Waiver priority because a team upfront would have been better prepared to tell the player getting cut.
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