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  1. Took him in the 6th in a double-double league, hope I don't come to regret it.
  2. He's my top dynasty target, but I'm stying far, far, far, far, far away in redrafts. Did I mention I'm not going near him in any redraft?
  3. Arian Foster too. RB is the position (outside of special teams) where there are the most undrafted gems. I'm not going to use one's draft position to determine whether they're going to be a fantasy asset moving forward.
  4. Well, that sucks as a Henderson owner. I hate McVay as a fantasy owner.
  5. I'm worried that Jackson just tore his ACL... EDIT: He's ready to go back out there! Thank god
  6. Henderson looks awesome, but annoying that the TD run got pulled back by a hold. On a positive note, I own Woods in my big-money league where I started ARod, so that TD helps there!
  7. I was ready to blame him, but it's partly Ryan's fault and partly a great play by Amos.
  8. I'm convinced that Ridley and Zaccheus swapped jerseys before the game
  9. Williams is such a mediocre runner. They should just toss him out there as a WR and let AJ do the running.
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