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  1. From what i've read it sounds like a case of septic arthritis. I read an article that mentioned that following his last elbow surgery he had a screw placed, it's possible that bacteria on the screw led to the infection of the elbow. It seems like he will be out for a while though
  2. If it’s an intercostal strain I would say expect 5-7 weeks
  3. He was amazing for the first 3 innings, incredibly efficient and the command was great. In the 4th he gave up 2 ERs but did a pretty good job recovering until the solo HR and being taken out after the leg cramp. Promising start, but a tough match-up next week against the LAD where he will really get tested.
  4. Excited to see if Taillon can build of the strong start he had last time
  5. He has been quietly productive the past week with another nice line tonight: 2/3 with a HR, couple rbi and a sb
  6. And if he gets worked over again on Tuesday I'm willing to bet the 'sensation' will reappear lol
  7. Gives up 4 ER and only lasts 1 inning. Broadcast is saying he left the game with a possible injury..
  8. 6 years ago I drafted a rookie on my dynasty team who I ended up dropping after he finished the season with a .220 BA and 5 measly HR's. The following year he hit .326 with 30 HRs and 49 SB's and ended up winning ROY. His name was Mike Trout. I see similarities with dropping Bird and will be firmly holding.
  9. Damn, he couldn't close out the 8th but he was dominant tonight. I've never seen so much movement on his stuff ever.
  10. To me they very noticeably don't have that same cocky swagger they had the last couple years. They haven't had it all year and lost it in some point in the offseason. Not saying losing Edwin is the reason they are struggling, but the season outlook at the start of the year after the changes was "we'll see how we do" rather than "were contenders" like the previous offseason.
  11. When you have a couple bench bats but whoever you put it goes 0/4 and whoever sitting hits dingers
  12. I'd like to start some discussion on this guy. For a few weeks he was really amazing but has since fizzled out a bit. I have a feeling that the best part of his season has already happened and he will be respectable but average from here on out. Might be a good keeper choice but in redrafts perhaps he is not a definite hold like he was a few weeks back? What do you guys think?
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