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  1. The only reason I consider it is because I have both Yordan and Cruz. Both are only DH eligible. So Cruz stats are sitting on my bench at the moment.
  2. Agree that Tapia, Solak are two that stand out. However, I would stand pat and see how your drafted team performs. Roll with what you drafted but keep a close watch on these waiver guys.
  3. Have to go with the first deal on the table. Berrios and Hayes for Cole is a no brainer.
  4. It sucks for sure, but just remember its fantasy. You'll have to become a waiver wire wizard, play the hot bats to make up that production. Can't be afraid to drop injured players to get healthy bats in the lineup.
  5. My team should be listed in signature. I am trying to flip one of my DH only guys for someone more useful. Was just offered this deal: I give: Cruz, Reyes I get: Rizzo I wouldn't say Rizzo is better than Bell, but would give a bit more versatility. What ya'll think? Thanks, and leave a link.
  6. Thanks for the input. I’m right there with you. I don’t like having two DH only guys but Cruz was sitting there in late rounds and it was too much to skip him. I’m sure I’ll be able to move one of them for backup elsewhere.
  7. Thanks Rush, I always appreciate your input to stack offense and ditch pitching. Can't toss anything back as this is the drafted team. I previously did not have Altuve, Devers, Bo or Yordan on my squad.
  8. Whats up board! We drafted our keeper league this weekend, going 13 years strong on ESPN. It is 12 team, 10x10 head to head scoring. Keep up to 3 for however long you wish, they fill your first 3 picks. Scoring: Batting- R, 2B, 3B, HR, RBI, K, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG; Pitching- HR, K, QS, CG, W, L, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9 I kept deGrom, Cole and Bauer (definitely have the best rotation in the league) C- Sean Murphy 1B- Josh Bell 2B- Jose Altuve 3B- Rafael Devers SS- Bo Bichette OF- Randy Arozarena, Michael Conforto, Victor Robles Util- Yordan Alvarez BN-
  9. Bruce, Winker, Bell, and then toss up. Winker may move up that list depending on the Bruce ailment.
  10. You could roll with any of the three and hope for a hot streak. Use the Turnbull roster spot as a stream. Try to grab the hot bat. Nothing special on that wire list.
  11. No brainer in my opinion. I'd take Sale for sure. His velo is down but weather is warming up and he should get his stuff going. Especially with the Boston roster, they should start winning more. He is still an ace
  12. Would use it as a stream position. Probably pick up Guriel or grab Andujar and see if he returns.
  13. Team and league specs in the sig. But its a 12 team league.
  14. Looking to boost OF a little bit more to condense talent. Would you: Trade: Pollock and Piscotty For: Andrew Benintendi Benny owner has a weak OF. Or should I target a different OF, or stand pat?
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