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  1. leave email if interested. Free. Standard 5X5 roto. ESPN
  2. mods delete this thread it is scam...there is no way that link is legit or that these posts arent coming from the same person
  3. The Leaguesafe link could be fake or the scammer could have multiple accounts and thereby have majority vote and capable of withdrawal
  4. i am just asking for proof that this league is legit. Leaguesafe alone isnt sufficient as you could make multiple accounts and thereby have majority vote
  5. because your post history seems to indicate that all you do is make leagues and that is suspicious to me. If I were y'all I would not pay until there is some proof
  6. Valentine may be a crucial part of this team ROS. I am not planning on dropping Valentine upon LaVine's return. Hopeful that he plays 30+ MPG regardless. Interested to see if Nwaba taken minutes from Valentine. If he doesn't then we are set. Dunn, LaVine, Valentine, Markkanen, Lopez can all return solid value.
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