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  1. No extension for Garrett, and Kellen Moore at OC with John kitna as qb coach? Yea Garrett would be wise to bet his career on his best player in 2019. FeedZ2019.
  2. Last 8 games in '15 4-106-1 7-113-2 1-14-0 7-104-0 5-102-1 5-70-0 6-111-0 1-16-0 pretty sub par prior to that, no catches over 5, no yards over 60. he's 26 and it's a contract year. Fitz still got his catches but his yardage went down over this 8 game stretch, will be 33 yr/o for '16. Brown's catches and yardage went down towards the end of the year. Any optimism for taking over as the #1 this year?
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