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  1. C’mon now...I’m sure he made worse moves.
  2. I did not say that I knew anything beyond him being a wildcard draft pick could bring great reward...on my bench. You’re the one who bought him to be a starter, then dropped him AFTER he turned the corner. Priceless! 😂
  3. *They were similar at the beginning also for std scprong, which is why if my League (with a short bench) I was able to pick up Cohen @ the same time I dropped Carson...potato potato. Thanks for acknowledging that the angle of scope was too wide for ff purposes...then fixing.
  4. And what are you trying to show by have the pts scored scale go that much above 30 pts-?? It’s a misleading visual ...though is does show that Carson was basically equal or greater than Cohen from wk 3 and on.
  5. Nobody said he was dependable rb2 to start the season, nor did anyone say dumping him early was a bad decision.
  6. The only issue I have with targeting Carson in ‘19 is that his adp, as it stands, could be right in the sweet spot where you should be drafting a QB or TE.
  7. I thought is was fairly obvious that a healthy Carson puts a twinkle in Carroll’s eyes. He was the only one worth targeting in ‘18...and still is. Go ahead and spend a dollar on a Penny, I won’t dissuade that.
  8. So there you have it...shoe let Carson go early, like me, but one of us is still trying to deal with the decision backfiring on him.
  9. You can stop focusing on me...hard, I know. So funny that you’re pretending like you can’t remember or look up the actual $ you spent on Carson...from a guy that tries to show he has command of all #s. Fraud.
  10. Hey, how did Carson rank in 100yd games for the season?
  11. I had DJ, Conner, Chubb in a short bench...I stated that I wish that I could’ve kept him. Please, please, please show us how you overpaid for Carson to be one of your starters in ‘18. 😂
  12. My opinion, the coaching will not be able to ignore the way Carson performed last season. It will take an amazing offseason or injury for Penny to get back on the radar.
  13. Nobody said anything was static...I’m just seeing if shoe has a pair big enough to post what he spent.
  14. If I do not kill it again in the draft this year...I hope to have the luxury of drafting and holding on to Carson at a great value & return. 🙃
  15. You could always show a link to what you spent on him...but I know you won’t. 😎
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