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  1. Style-wise...Henderson’s highlights remind me of Spiller’s Clemson tape. Which I watched over, and over, and over back then.
  2. I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that he can throw for 53tds in 14 games... ...go bearzzz
  3. I picked Cohen up after the draft...and oddly enough, it might’ve come at the expense of dropping Carson.
  4. Logic would say that there is less fluctuation from game to game in missed-tackle percentage...so I say yes.
  5. They usually move these to the college football forum until the draft.
  6. Interestingly enough, Damien had a lowest forced missed tackle % per touch in the entire KC backfield last year out of hunt, ware, and the other williams... = less talent?
  7. Hope that was fun...because it obviously not productive for you.
  8. I had to wait on Ingram to get back...And A.Jones
  9. Owning the entire Seattle rbbc does not help your cause.
  10. D.A.Shoe...complaining that Carson didn’t pan out for his rb1 😂
  11. Nothing like cherry-picking a random number (15pts) and still not proving a point. 😆
  12. I had to dump Carson early because of a short bench, but if memory serves me, wasn’t it easy to determine whether Carson would be given a full-load based on his health and the health of the other rbs-?
  13. Not being able to trust McVay to be honest about Gurley is enough to further tip the scale in drafting Kamara over him.
  14. Would've been nice to see Bell in the new uniforms...
  15. I haven’t paid the $ to see the % he spent running routes in the slot...to see if he played out of position a sig amount on the outside
  16. Mayfield was already throwing 35-40 times a game last year (without OBJ), that would get him in/close to the top 5. And there was an odd, random stretch in the middle where Landry’s ypc went way down. He could easily see an uptick to about 1100 yds with the same catch/tds numbers
  17. Never thought we’d arrive at a point where one would tell everyone to give heed to Murray...again. C’mon, the cat has barely averaged 4.0 yards per carry over the past few seasons.
  18. Shoe/Lord Is his situation worse or actually better this season? Should the coach & oc do what some are expecting, Mayfield should easily be well within the top 5 in passing attempts this year. Plenty of targets to go around.
  19. So you’re projecting: less missed-tackles, less yards, lower yards per carry etc... yet his amazing talent will stay the same? Not that I disagree, but that is interesting.
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