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  1. Again, you are thinking that this had to do with picking for FF, it doesn’t...we were addressing rb talent. There are a couple here that that have always thought 4.4 is a lousy number for a rb to average. I never said I thought a rb that averaged less than 4.4 ypc had no use, and my “give me a rb who averaged 4.4+ ypc any day” always had a inferred full-load qualifier. I never said that I’d rather have an above-average yards per carry rb over a rb that leads the league in missed tackles. Welcome back.
  2. I’m sorry that you need the different styles of running backs spoon fed to you...*you’re going to have a tough on this forum if you happen to stick around. Tip#1: stop confusing real football with ff...I said I would always take a rb that gets 4.4ypc, we were talking nfl rb talent...not ff roster-building. But for your purposes, I’ll humor...yes, 4.4 ypc may not amount to much, especially if the rb is only getting 5-10 carries, but news flash >>> neither does 5.0ypc at that rate. Try to keep up.
  3. I owned him when he carried 5 times for 1yd, 3tds. Beautiful thing.
  4. I don’t care to have the last word...maybe I just have more stamina because I do not give a pass on bad stats, no matter how long one has been here. I will give a pass on those who need to throw out insults online though. No harm, no foul.
  5. I think there are some talented rbs in the HoF
  6. You might want to open up a HoF page before you join in on the potty party.
  7. The top 31 rbs in ‘18 all averaged over 4.4 ...interesting, good to know. Link?
  8. I don’t have a preferred style...as long as they can average 4.4+ ypc.
  9. ALL preseason player threads here assume a full season when it comes to members posting their projections & rankings. These preseason threads are “Season” Outlooks, not “14 Game” Outlooks.
  10. I don’t recall anyone saying that 1400/12td projection for juju had nothing to do with 16 games.
  11. You forgot to factor in the seasons that AB did not play 16 games.
  12. I’d like to see them snipe the best TE ahead of NE’s pick...Kelce is accruing some mileage
  13. If one wanted to beat the "forced missed tackles" drum when it comes to being the better measure of a rb's talent-level (which I think still gets you into a preferred style debate), then it would make sense to analyze the list of those rbs with the best broken tackle/touch %.
  14. You missed the “full-load” qualifier for your ypc devaluation
  15. Luckily, one can filter their stats and go back year by year...then find that it offers very little as a source for predicting future production/ranking, imho. But one should just evaluate that for themselves, there's plenty of time for it.
  16. Pro Football Focus article, before Conner hurts his ankle... “His 46 combined missed tackles forced are the most in the NFL, behind 44 for Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants, who has 10 more total touches. The Kansas City Chiefs’ Kareem Hunt also has 41 missed tackles forced, on five fewer touches than Conner. Nobody else has hit 40 yet, and in fact few have even reached 30. Alvin Kamara, in spite of having 139 touches, has only forced 22 missed tackles. Conner leads the league with an Elusive Rating of 88.8, which is calculated by dividing the number of missed tackles by the tota
  17. It’s only only a description of “style”...then you need to acknowledge the confounding variables. You lost the crowd when you submitted Howard to back your statement up, a rb whose ypc has declined every year since his rookie year - did he get less talented in 3 yrs?
  18. No bear fan is hating on Howard, not sure why you quickly read it that way...ajs just mentioned that Howard wasn’t pretty enough for him when running routes & catching the ball, that’s all. 99% of the fans would want him on the ‘19 roster for the price he will be paid.
  19. I don’t know if he was being inclusive. Maybe he asked “Are we assuming....?” because you refer to yourself in the 3rd person from time to time.
  20. It’s the only highlight video with the “Skip this Ad” feature.
  21. It’s a fail move by the bear, unless they had actually received an offer they couldn’t refuse for him. *Hey, let’s make the team that beat us in the playoffs better at no cost to them” The Executive of the Year is obviously on spring break with the kids this week.
  22. Do not expect more touches for Cohen, unless injuries to rbs force the issue, though one should expect more effective use of him by Nagy in the 2nd year.
  23. They were going to draft one regardless.
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