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  1. Your process doesn’t add up, I had to drop him early...if I could’ve stashed him I would’ve. What you two girls want to grade my in-season decision has nothing to do with Carson’s value...I was rb deep, and Carson was dependable as any when it was apparent he would be featured. But keep it the smear campaign, I hope to steal him again in the draft this season. 🤩
  2. I also had to drop AJones...and somehow that makes me “bad as fantasy football.” Well, I didn’t say that I missed them, so please call me bad every season.😎
  3. This thread is very weird... I had him, but couldn’t afford to hang on to him because of a short bench. The gent who picked him up used him when he was healthy with great results...ultimately using him against me in the final game. Carson was as predictable & dependable as rb2’s come.
  4. I’m starting to think that B.B. has never had an easier crop to out-coach...These new wave of coaches just won’t make their mark until he retires. He almost has a vintage “Tiger Woods” effect on them.
  5. Nope...every bit as fruitless
  6. Doesn’t matter what Amos was in real football, Dix will score more pts for Bears dst owners
  7. I think Pagano will be more aggressive with this group. Dix is a better ball-hawk than Amos. Add Patterson to the kicking game.
  8. I don't recall saying anyone "sucked"...you should relocate yourself to the Watson thread, this one seems to be too fast for you.
  9. I'd project your tattoo on another thread...Watson came up lame when it counted the most over here
  10. I didn’t say they were intercepted, they just didn’t go for tds. He failed to show up against the mighty Colts in the post-season...please save the Arod comparisons until then.
  11. Watson is a chucker and his 50/50 prayer balls did not work out as well in his 2nd yr...no surprise. He holds on to the ball too long, takes way too many sacks.
  12. And because of Tyreek being who he is, everyone has a chance to move a spot this year.
  13. Contested Catch Rate ‘18: 1. Tyreek Hill 2. Stefon Diggs 3. Mike Evans 4. Allen Robinson 5. Deandre Hopkins
  14. The tbd this preseason is whether he is fast/strong enough to force the same missed/broken tackles in the NFL...because the Bear already have 2 vets who can.
  15. Is it cherry picking if he didn’t leave out any 3rd rd RB-?
  16. Care to back it up with anything, or should we ignore and move on?
  17. Most of the talk is predicting about 200-215 touches @ 1200 yds, 6-7tds for the rookie.
  18. You jumped on the original post too quickly...it all had to do with laughing at those who were being critical of a 3rd rd pick, regardless of what position was chosen. Your rb analysis was not needed.
  19. Thankfully, it looks like you’re running out of things to brag about though...tough season last year?
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