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  1. 10 hours ago, dashoe said:


    I think his point was psy's process was flawed. .  . in other words why would you drop a predicatble and dependable rb2 to the waiver?

    The process doesnt make sense.  Over the last few years nobody dropped lamar miller during the course of a season because his predictable and dependable week to week floor was about 10pts in ppr. You may have never started him but you definitely didnt drop him 

    So if you were able to predict on dependable rb2 production from carson why would you drop him?

    Psygolfs process doesnt add up  despite the end result

    Your process doesn’t add up, I had to drop him early...if I could’ve stashed him I would’ve.

    What you two girls want to grade my in-season decision has nothing to do with Carson’s value...I was rb deep, and Carson was dependable as any when it was apparent he would be featured.

    But keep it the smear campaign, I hope to steal him again in the draft this season.


  2. 11 hours ago, Dreams And Dwightmares said:


    Nope.  You're either bad at fantasy or you've dug yourself in such a deep lie hole that you think your only way out is to keep digging and hope to come out the other side.


    Your bad at fantasy if you saw a dependable RB2 and you dropped him.  I don't care about short benches.  There's no format where a "dependable" RB2 is waiver wire fodder.


    I think that more than likely you just have to keep the lie going though and you won't back down off this stance for reasons that I can't get behind.


    I've noticed that even when 100% wrong people will still fight to say they were justified even when they don't believe the words coming out of their head.


    I'll stand up and say it right now.  If I saw a dependable and predictable RB2 I would've continued to hold.  That garbage human was the difference between me winning and losing minimum 2 weeks though.  I didn't see anything more than stress and aggravation though and I made a bad drop looking back with hindsight eyes.  

    I also had to drop AJones...and somehow that makes me “bad as fantasy football.”

    Well, I didn’t say that I missed them, so please call me bad every season.😎

  3. This thread is very weird...

    I had him, but couldn’t afford to hang on to him because of a short bench.

    The gent who picked him up used him when he was healthy with great results...ultimately using him against me in the final game.

    Carson was as predictable & dependable as rb2’s come.


    6 hours ago, devaster said:

    The turnovers and defensive TD's are unlikely to repeat this season. But a healthy Mack for an entire season should boost total sack maybe. It is tough to get repeated turnover and defensive TD numbers though and those are what make a defense set and forget more often than not.

    I think Pagano will be more aggressive with this group.

    Dix is a better ball-hawk than Amos.

    Add Patterson to the kicking game.

  5. 13 minutes ago, dmb3684 said:


    LOL. Manning did that for a decade before he broke through. Does he suck too? We are ignoring all the football Deshaun has played over the last 5 years and looking at one game? Seems reasonable.

    I don't recall saying anyone "sucked"...you should relocate yourself to the Watson thread, this one seems to be too fast for you.

  6. 1 hour ago, dmb3684 said:


    Bahahaha because ARob shows up big in the postseason? 


    I didn't compare the two. I was using his age as a point of reference.

    I'd project your tattoo on another thread...Watson came up lame when it counted the most over here

  7. 43 minutes ago, dmb3684 said:


    He had 26/9 TD/INT ratio. Not sure thats terrible? It got better as the season went along, he looked slow coming off the injury. I'll just agree to disagree here. I think Deshaun will be a HOF'er and you think he is the same as Mitch Trubisky so it's like in Pawn Stars, we are just too far apart.


    Deshaun's biggest issue is absolutely holding on to the ball too long. But he can work on that. He is only 23. ARod didn't even start till he was 25.

    I didn’t say they were intercepted, they just didn’t go for tds.

    He failed to show up against the mighty Colts in the post-season...please save the Arod comparisons until then.

  8. 14 minutes ago, dmb3684 said:


    Nah. Deshaun was on MVP pace before he got hurt. Took him a little while to get going this year, but he's a great player. Was the highest ranked HS prospect since they started ranking them. Crushed college. And is still a year younger than Mitch.


    Trubisky doesn't have near the ceiling and hasn't been better thus far. Just healthier.

    Watson is a chucker and his 50/50 prayer balls did not work out as well in his 2nd yr...no surprise.

    He holds on to the ball too long, takes way too many sacks.



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  9. 7 hours ago, joshua18 said:


    I don't see Montgomery being treated as a top-5 RB. A 50/50 chance of that means he's incredibly undervalued. 

    And it's greater than 50/50 since 2017.

    You jumped on the original post too quickly...it all had to do with laughing at those who were being critical of a 3rd rd pick, regardless of what position was chosen.  

    Your rb analysis was not needed.

  10. 8 hours ago, Panthers8912 said:

    Oh I will be. His cost is so low it’s worth the risk regardless. Unlike D will, who was bad until he played for the leagues best offense and then looked good for a couple games.


    Aside- I’m also higher on guys like fournette irl bc they face more stacked boxes and play with bad supporting casts. He’s got some injury problems, but don’t like how people say he’s bad. Looks just as good as gurley on fishers rams. Needs a change of scenery for sure. Packers should’ve traded for him. Aaron Jones overrated, they haven’t had a good back in years. Eddie lacy was mad overrated there too. James starks probably the last decent rb they had

    Starks > AJones...


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