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  1. So 50-50 is now “more often than not”...😂
  2. I hate green uniforms: jets, eagles, packers...can’t own any of them. The last player that wore green that I rooted on was Wilbert Montgomery.
  3. “Time to swallow their pride” and “pay top dollar for a wr.” Synd doesn’t even understand his own team...lol.
  4. Facing the Bear D will be equally/more stressful for any team they face.
  5. Bears have an over under of 9.5 games...which means if they do not surprise any experts with their play, they could still be the team to beat.
  6. My only stance was that it wasn't two individuals that caused the adp shift...glad you've finally caught up. 🐛
  7. This rise is rb adp also coincides with the recent lower production/options out of the top wr tier. You two are blaming the poop for the smell.
  8. I already discussed the flushing out of the old guard with a new era of rbs with FFC years ago with regards to draft strategy. It played out as I predicted. As for Zeke being a 1st rd pick, it had every bit to do with where he went.
  9. AP was not considered to be the defacto starter when he joined the Vikings...so a 1st rd pick in ff would’ve been foolish
  10. I think you are unable to see that it is a merely a situational factor and not a trend or rise at all.
  11. Have they? I drafted AP as a rookie in the 3rd.
  12. Not as long as you give a rb something for each carry.
  13. Can’t acknowledge it. When Andre Roberts becomes weekly play at wr/flex for someone >>> you are playing in a bozo show league.
  14. I’ll stand with the vast majority
  15. If you want to score it with the dst, or a separate Kick Returner position that is fine...but to give a rb or wr an unwarranted bump is ridiculous.
  16. I will never ever ever play in a return yardage league.
  17. I think you are suffering from transference and it’s the Panthers you really hate. Now tell us about your Mother...
  18. Obviously they’ve already looked...they brought in a FA and drafted 2 rbs when they had limited cap space & draft capital. The worry Cohen owners need to have is if/when they get implemented.
  19. On the punts, I can’t recall him losing those fumbles last year...maybe one?
  20. Montgomery fumbles 1 in every 250 touches...how’s that measure up to Cohen?
  21. I do not recall him fumbling away a punt.
  22. I like the move, but Mike Davis was a classic bear predraft hedge pickup to give them flexibility during the draft in case things fell a different way.
  23. Why would you take shoe seriously...he laughs after every stop, like that weird guy on the train.
  24. PFF is only good if one wants a quickie 2 min mock draft. Worthless for ff outside of that feature.
  25. Not sure how you call PFF a favorite of mine...you’re the advanced metrics knob
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