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  1. 1 hour ago, joshua18 said:


    A 3rd rd RB is a stud more often than not:

    Alvin Kamara (2017)

    Kareem Hunt (2017)

    James Conner (2017)

    David Johnson (2015)

    are just recent examples of stud RB1s drafted in round 3 -- even Duke Johnson (2015) was an RB1 in PPR in 2017


    Montgomery will be the next RB1

    Stop being slaves to draft capital (like most of the mediocre dynasty analyst community is).  


    The only 3rd rd RBs who have failed recently have been Foreman (2017; torn Achilles), Prosise (2016; was great as a rookie but is made of glass and hasn't really played since), Matt Jones (2015) and Royce Freeman (2018; only a year of data so far)


    Other recent 3rd rd RBs who haven't been busts but haven't (yet?) become RB1s:

    Kenyon Drake (2016 -- even this is debatable as he is still worth a 1st rd rookie pick in value right now) 

    Tevin Coleman (2015 -- with his hype has still been valuable in dynasty despite his lackluster production)


    So 50-50 is now “more often than not”...😂

  2. 3 hours ago, dashoe said:


     I have no  fantasy interest in bell simply because I don't have an interest in the jets team and the HC running it

    Good offenses generally produce predictable output for fantasy players and bad offenses produce volatile results

    I hate green uniforms: jets, eagles, packers...can’t own any of them.  

    The last player that wore green that I rooted on was Wilbert Montgomery.

  3. On 5/7/2019 at 5:47 PM, dashoe said:

    That's because it's a completely different methodology and name?

    I bolded, underlined AND italicized the obvious just for you. . .🤣

    Adjectives are important because they modify the noun. . .😜

    Also to make a point of clarification people tend to interchange passer rating with QBR and not all QBR's are created equal. Bhawk specified NFL QBR and u are specifying TOTAL Q

    Bears have an over under of 9.5 games...which means if they do not surprise any experts with their play, they could still be the team to beat.

  4. 3 hours ago, dashoe said:

    yeah I think I did mention that the rb position collectively has risen in last few years. . .which also means that rookie rb have been drafted higher too, it's ok buddy you dont have to argue so hard  against a position that you already agreed with but didnt realize. . .😂

    My only stance was that it wasn't two individuals that caused the adp shift...glad you've finally caught up.


  5. 1 hour ago, dashoe said:

    I think the point is since Zeke the discount needed for drafting a rookie rb has diminished quite significantly 🤪

    This rise is rb adp also coincides with the recent lower production/options out of the top wr tier.   

    You two are blaming the poop for the smell.

  6. 6 hours ago, dashoe said:

    yes they actually have given  rb's collectively have been trending higher the last couple of years but  zeke established a move in fantasy  of guys  willing to draft rookie rb's higher than before.  

    I already discussed the flushing out of the old guard with a new era of rbs with FFC years ago with regards to draft strategy. It played out as I predicted.

    As for Zeke being a 1st rd pick, it had every bit to do with where he went.

  7. 55 minutes ago, Panthers8912 said:

    Yup, and that’s a great example. If AP was coming into the league now he’d be a first rounder just like saquan and Zeke were. 2 guys who were “the best back since AP”

    AP was not considered to be the defacto starter when he joined the Vikings...so a 1st rd pick in ff would’ve been foolish

  8. 45 minutes ago, Panthers8912 said:

    Yup, and that’s a great example. If AP was coming into the league now he’d be a first rounder just like saquan and Zeke were. 2 guys who were “the best back since AP”

    I think you are unable to see that it is a merely a situational factor and not a trend or rise at all.

  9. 3 hours ago, Boudewijn said:

    Yeah, historically that's not always a solid position ;)

    But I'm trolling of course, no problem with any fantasy format, standard, PPR, return yardage, IDP, dynasty, keeper, whatever makes your boat float.

    In any case, if you don't play return yardage, Cohen is less interesting.

    Can’t acknowledge it.  When Andre Roberts becomes weekly play at wr/flex for someone >>> you are playing in a bozo show league.

  10. 4 hours ago, Boudewijn said:


    It's not an unwarranted bump, it's yards they actually make in the game. It's also not more ridiculous than not counting them. Let's face it, fantasy is pretty random and ridiculous as it is.

    I honestly don't care; all I ask is everyone in the league plays to the same rules; I'll find a way to make the most of it.

    Given that Cohen is a return monster, it makes sense to remark upon it in this thread. If you choose to play in leagues that don't use that, that's up to you if course :)

    I’ll stand with the vast majority 

  11. 3 hours ago, hoppychokes said:

    Eh, whats the difference? They're all made up ways to score anyhow, why are draw the line at which yards are scoreable? If you're in a 12+ sized league it opens up startable players and makes the draft/season unique instead of just being a carbon copy of every other league you're in.

    If you want to score it with the dst, or a separate Kick Returner position that is fine...but to give a rb or wr an unwarranted bump is ridiculous.

  12. 1 hour ago, Sack Exchange said:


    cohen is a special talent. i don't like the term "gadget" player for him because he's proven to be more. he is electric and wily when he has the ball. he is the best of the nfl hobbits, and tough to get to.

    yes, the fumbles are an issue. yes, half of these came on punt returns. but also, he led the league in punt return attempts, led the league in punt return yardage, ranked 4th in yard per punt return, and none of the players added can fill that role. compare: ryan switzer was second to cohen in return attempts, just 3 returns less than cohen, but 160 yards less than cohen. hopefully, the coaching staff is working on his hands for punt returns.

    seems like mike davis will eat into cohen's touches, and montgomery of course, but if you're in a PPR league and if these league gives yardage for punt returns, cohen and dede westbrook are the two best values in the draft.

    I will never ever ever play in a return yardage league.

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  13. 13 hours ago, Panthers8912 said:

    I hate the saints with a passion but I’ll take Kamara over gurley without a second thought. Far too much risk for me in the first. 

    I think you are suffering from transference and it’s the Panthers you really hate.


    Now tell us about your Mother...

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  14. 2 hours ago, Panthers8912 said:

    Wow that’s bad. Wonder if they look elsewhere in 2019

    Obviously they’ve already looked...they brought in a FA and drafted 2 rbs when they had limited cap space & draft capital.

    The worry Cohen owners need to have is if/when they get implemented.

  15. Just now, Sack Exchange said:



    2017 + 2018 = 10 fumbles for 310 touches = not pretty


         5 fumbles rushing/receiving (4 rushing / 1 receiving)


         5 fumbles returning punts


    he's still electric. i'd say cohen will be given opportunity, but the fumble leash is shortening.

    On the punts, I can’t recall him losing those fumbles last year...maybe one?

  16. On 5/7/2019 at 6:12 PM, dashoe said:

    I'm going to pass on Cohen because I don't like the muddy backfield with a coach that schemes for misdirection.

    Mike Davis is a relevant signing because he was the pass catching and COP rb on the Seahawks and he was very good at that role being #4 in targets on the team.  I dint think Nagy signed him to sit him and Montgomery has to get up to speed on playing in an NFL offense.

     I like the move, but Mike Davis was a classic bear predraft hedge pickup to give them flexibility during the draft in case things fell a different way.


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  17. 3 minutes ago, dashoe said:

    It's official PFF does not love Trubisky ranked at the bottom of the potential fantasy QB1 list🤣


    The top 20 quarterbacks on (very subjective) likelihood of finishing as QB1 only

    1. Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
    2. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans
    3. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
    4. Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
    5. Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts
    6. Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
    7. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns
    8. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
    9. Jameis Winston, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    10. Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens
    11. Kyler Murray, Arizona Cardinals
    12. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
    13. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles
    14. Matt Ryan, Atlanta Falcons
    15. Tom Brady, New England Patriots
    16. Jared Goff, Los Angeles Rams
    17. Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings
    18. Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49ers
    19. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
    20. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears

    PFF is only good if one wants a quickie 2 min mock draft.

    Worthless for ff outside of that feature.

  18. 21 minutes ago, dashoe said:

    and yet one of your favorite sites PFF had him ranked at. . . .#30? 🤣

    I don't care how "good" he is as a NFL QB I'm ok with him as a fantasy QB



    Overall Grade: 64.1

    Bortles was benched for Cody Kessler due to performance – not injury. His low overall grade and ranking reflect that accurately.


    Overall Grade: 63.0

    Yes, Trubisky plays quarterback for a playoff team in 2018, but the Bears’ trip to the postseason isn’t a product of stellar play from their second-year signal-caller. His turnover-worthy play rate (3.46) is high, especially when considering he ranks near the middle of the pack in big-time throw percentage (4.4%). He takes risks for too few rewards when pushing the ball downfield.


    Overall Grade: 58.5

    Jackson’s legs have the Ravens in the postseason – not his arm. He’s struggled with accuracy at all areas of the field and will struggle if asked to throw the football more against better defenses in the playoffs.


    Overall Grade: 49.1

    Rosen’s offensive line was quite literally the worst in the NFL in 2018. As a result, he struggled to find rhythm in games and failed to flash any level of brilliance with game-to-game consistency. A handful of quality throws keeps him out of last place on this list, however.


    Overall Grade: 45.3

    Tannehill finished the year with the third-lowest big-time throw percentage (2.9%) and a league-high 6.57% turnover-worthy play percentage. He didn’t do his team any favors in 2018.

    Not sure how you call PFF a favorite of mine...you’re the advanced metrics knob

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