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  1. Funny. Yes, Joshua has been known to comb school lots. Hopefully, He can tell us about the 2021 wr class. I will gladly keep his thoughts in a drawer for the time he comes to roto in 3 years to claim that he was up, down, indifferent on the pickings...to no gain.
  2. B.S. I'd like to know how it can be analyzed 2-3 years ahead of NOT knowing who will redshirt/start/enter the draft early. Near-zero chance their projections panned out like they thought it would that far back. Sounds like a ridiculous circle jerk activity.
  3. You’ve been following & thought “this class was over-rated for years” ...impossible.
  4. Howard wasn’t and will never be a rb that deserves to have an offense built around him...he lucked out as a rookie that he fit Fox’s vintage offense.
  5. I don’t think you saw how those games were lost.
  6. Because his ‘18 performance on the field earned more carries-?
  7. I’m not excited...but come on now, how long have you been here.
  8. “When I press my hands against my eyes like this I see stars!” ✨
  9. The Curse of Joshua...when he bet his Giants against the Bears two years ago.
  10. All things Bear: Robbie Gould has put his Chicago house on the market... ...because the NEW house he’s building in Chicago will be finished in a few months. ”Once a Bear, always a Bear.” - R.Gould on 670am radio
  11. It’s funny, this hate on all things Bear. No Bear fan has called Mitch a top QB, nor Monty an elite athlete. They recognize a 3rd rb for what he is.
  12. There is a College forum still, right? Did roto cut all of their Hall Police?
  13. This was a rb thread, right? Trubisky-trolls jumping pools...too funny.
  14. I was exaggerating also, you’re just a bad troll.
  15. Mitch only had one regular season game that was over 35 attempts, and had a better comp % than Mahommes, Wilson, & Brady. You are terrible at trolling.
  16. The math kind of adds up to a Mixon level.
  17. It’s a rating of his 2017 season...let’s build a time-machine.
  18. Meh...I can’t follow people on YTube. Redskins had a great draft.
  19. Would it be crazy to think Monty could average an additional .5+ ypc and at least 2-3 more catches per game than Howard last
  20. I do not think any League Champ in 2019 will have had any angst on draft day about where to draft a Bear this year. They do not have any ff targets worthy of a “reach”...if they fall to you, fine.
  21. I’ll take him if you think he’ll kill my team week 16 - lol $
  22. The NY one was a separate predraft video where he pinned him as a hybrid between Garrafolo & Goff...then he rips the Redskins for wasting their pick postdraft. There’s nice polish to his YouTube presentation, but he’s a flipflopper.
  23. Imo, the eagles, who have struggled with rb injuries, stepped up to grab a solid rb still on a rookie contract for at the very least a one year insurance policy...the rest of the league was asleep at the wheel. I expect Sanders to get more touches than Howard if he does what they drafted him to do from day one.
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