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  1. 2 hours ago, Sack Exchange said:


    i disagree and find your stance close-minded: it's totally possible that he was attending their high school football games, in which case he anticipated how poor this WR class was 4-6 years ago. and really, the WR high school class of 2015 was garbage. don't get me started on their middle school performance.


    Funny.  Yes, Joshua has been known to comb school lots.

    Hopefully, He can tell us about the 2021 wr class.

    I will gladly keep his thoughts in a drawer for the time he comes to roto in 3 years to claim that he was up, down, indifferent on the pickings...to no gain.

  2. 4 hours ago, joshua18 said:


    Yes. This WR class has been hyped up by the dynasty community since at least 2017. 

    Some leagues which have multi year future picks available fir trade were trading for 2019 rookie picks that far back. 


    B.S.   I'd like to know how it can be analyzed 2-3 years ahead of NOT knowing who will redshirt/start/enter the draft early.   Near-zero chance their projections panned out like they thought it would  that far back.

    Sounds like a ridiculous circle jerk activity.

  3. 3 hours ago, joshua18 said:

    I always thought this WR class had been overrated for years. The comparisons to the 2014 class that dynasty pundits (Ryan McDowell, Matt Williamson, Evan Silva, Travis May, Curtis Patrick, John Paul Hurley, Nick Whalen, Chad Parsons, Rotoviz, PFF, DLF, Sigmund Bloom, Matt Waldman, etc.) have made for the past 2-3 years were laughable. 

    As the draft showed us, there is no comparison between the classes -- look at the # of WRs taken in the top 20, 1st rd, in the top 50, etc.

    You’ve been following & thought “this class was over-rated for years”



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  4. 1 hour ago, dashoe said:

    I think you guys are too focused on Howards's attempts and not  the way he was used in schemes/packages

    Attempts last 3 seasons 252-276-250 Obviously Nagy didnt use Howard as effectively as Fox and  similarly Fox barely used Cohen. Safe to say Montgomery will be used differently than Howard was however mike Davis is in the same backfield and I suspect nagy will use him too much to the frustration of montgomery owners

    Howard wasn’t and will never be a rb that deserves to have an offense built around him...he lucked out as a rookie that he fit Fox’s vintage offense.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, SharkSwimmer said:

    Because the Bears D was fierce and Nagy should have bled the clock to nurse leads.  Instead he had Trubiesky trying to do a Ben Roethlisburger impression, and frequently failing.  Howard's brutal style wears down finesse defenses when he piles up the carries.  Following that gameplan, they may not have lost once all season.

    I don’t think you saw how those games were lost.

  6. 2 hours ago, FISH20 said:


    I must have missed the 4' thick playbook. Although I would love to continue to point out Trubisky's flaws I will steer the thread back toward Montgomery. He's in a good offense but he has competition for touches and I don't view him as an high level athlete.

    It’s funny, this hate on all things Bear.


    No Bear fan has called Mitch a top QB, nor Monty an elite athlete.  They recognize a 3rd rb for what he is.


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  7. 1 hour ago, SyNdicateZ said:

    Is this suppose to be a superior draft class compared to 2019's? Who should be the top RB's, WR's ect? Should dynasty owners be trading older good players (ex. Adam Thielen) now for 2020 1st round picks? I thought I heard somewhere that the 2020 Rookie Fantasy draft class is suppose to be stacked with some great talent/ prospects. Is this true? 

    There is a College forum still, right?

    Did roto cut all of their Hall Police?

  8. 2 hours ago, SharkSwimmer said:

    And that is the sign of a bad coach.  Shoehorning the players on hand into the system the coach knows, regardless of whether they fit.  Like dialing up 45 passes per game when your quarterback has a scattershot arm like Trubiesky.

    Mitch only had one regular season game that was over 35 attempts, and had a better comp % than Mahommes, Wilson, & Brady.

    You are terrible at trolling.

  9. 11 hours ago, Stonej14 said:


    The kid did have 57 catches in 2 years as the starter in college. That's pretty good for college. Zeke had 58 in his 2 years as a starter and hes a 3 down guy who had 70 plus catches last year. I see no reason Montgomery couldnt grab 40-45 balls. While cohen still gets the lions share lining up all over the field. 

    The math kind of adds up to a Mixon level.

  10. 1 hour ago, hoppychokes said:

    Weren't we discussing gamescripts and rushing numbers? Cohen is still going to catch the majority of balls and Montgomery will be dealing with the same gamescripts Howard did. Montgomery will definity catch more balls, but trusting a Nagy gamescript is risky. Trying to spin a solid bears D as leading to a positive RB gamescript is also something that Nagy has yet to demonstrate.

    Would it be crazy to think Monty could average an additional .5+ ypc and at least 2-3 more catches per game than Howard last 

  11. 1 hour ago, FreakFries said:

    D Montgomery seems like a solid RB but there is NO WAY I’m trusting him as anything more than a slightly better than and equally unpredictable/frustrating J Howard/high end RB3 

    1. First and foremost is Nagy - he is obviously a very creative coach who loves misdirection to the point of going overboard (passing 4 times in a row on the 1 yard line for first and goal or having defensive players come in for a crucial goal line attempt for example.) I think he is way too impressed with himself to implement anything as vanilla as a 3 down back.

    2. Trubinski - He’s not what Alex Smith was when K Hunt blew up. That’s not going to help the run game. It also doesn’t help that Nagy doesn’t seem to care how mediocre Trubinski is, Nagy still had him throw tons especially at the goal line (I don’t have exact stats but it seemed excessive)

    3. RBBC is the new norm. Especially after what happened to Gurley, I don’t see Mr. Misdirection leaning on one RB.

    4. The trade up - Not impressed with this either because the Bears HAD TO get an RB who could contribute right away in this draft. My understanding is that this was not the most impressive RB class so this could have easily have been a case of necessity rather than infatuation. 


    I’ll bet this kid does better than Howard but that means he will probably have 6 or 7 useful games leaving 9-10 where he just kills you.

    I’ll take him if you think he’ll kill my team week 16 - lol


  12. 4 minutes ago, Boudewijn said:

    I think that regarding Giants and Washington he mostly announces that the next video is going to be fun :) it's hardly the core of the current one.

    The NY one was a separate predraft video where he pinned him as a hybrid between Garrafolo & Goff...then he rips the Redskins for wasting their pick postdraft.

    There’s nice polish to his YouTube presentation, but he’s a flipflopper.

  13. On 4/29/2019 at 4:35 PM, ajs723 said:

    I'm a Bears fan, and I don't get this at all. 

    Nagy was the OC in KC when Hunt was a beast. When he got the job in Chicago, he spent an entire offseason trying to teach Howard how to be a better pass catching back. 

    In his first three games in 2018, Howard averaged over 20 touches per game. It quickly became obvious he just didn't have the skillset to be a 3 down back and they phased him out of the passing game. Still, Howard finished the year with 250 carries. 

    David Montgomery will step right into that role with the Bears and actually has the skill to catch some balls as well. That means 15 carries per game and probably 3 or 4 targets. Cohen's role won't change from last year, and Davis is simply a depth piece. 

    Sanders may prove to be so good he earns just as big of a role, but he won't get that much volume from day one unless the Eagles completely give up on Howard. 

    Imo, the eagles, who have struggled with rb injuries, stepped up to grab a solid rb still on a rookie contract for at the very least a one year insurance policy...the rest of the league was asleep at the wheel.

    I expect Sanders to get more touches than Howard if he does what they drafted him to do from day one.

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