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  1. 47 minutes ago, SharkSwimmer said:

    They were favorable game scripts for Howard, like leads in the 4th quarter, but Nagy kept dialing up pass after pass.  That cost them wins against Miami and Green Bay.  I don't really think it will change all that much.

    Fuller drop for easy pick 6 in GB, and Cohen fumble late in Miami cost them wins in those games.

  2. UDFA Sleeper TE

    Dax Raymond during SeniorBowl Week.

    He displayed the athleticism to beat safeties in coverage, nice route running ability and a great job of tracking the ball into his hands during the one-on-one and 7-on-7 drills. In a good tight end class, it shouldn’t be surprising if he finishes among the top-5 and finds himself as a top-100 selection overall, as the position is starting to be valued a bit more now.” — Draft Wire 


    Came back to play a couple of weeks after breaking his wrist...no need for the Bear to worry about this cat waking up with an anxiety attack.

  3. On 4/27/2019 at 12:28 PM, elroypedro said:

    CMC is the best pass catching back probably in NFL history already or on pace to be. 

    Rookie yrs

    CMac: 80 rec, 70% catch rate.

    Barkley: 91 rec, 75% catch rate.

    Kamara: 82 rec, 80% catch rate 

  4. 44 minutes ago, RMJ_12 said:

    Except Cohen wasn't a rookie last season.  He's had the same role for 2 years.  Under 100 carries 50+ receptions.

    Now what really hasn’t changed over the past 2 years is the total targets the bear rb corps have received as a whole.

    Expect the future share going to Monty-Davis-Whyte to take a bigger bite out of Cohen’s take than the Howard-Cunningham-Mizzell trio did last year.

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  5. 41 minutes ago, dashoe said:


     I think cohens role is "safe" it's his week to week touches that is unpredictable.  Taylor Gabriel is also a threat to cohens targets because Nagy would misdirect the defense with scheming plays that on one series would use Cohen  as the pass catcher or runner and then another series use Gabriel  in the same formation to catch the defense off guard

    The addition of Monty, Davis, & Whyte has created at least 2 addition unique roles.  

    There’s only so much camera time.

  6. 1 hour ago, RMJ_12 said:

    Obviously I meant Montgomery would take the Jordan Howard role, which was 250 carries last season.  Cohen's role isn't changing, it's locked in.  As long as Montgomery shows he's close to what they thought he was when they traded up for him, I'm not worried about Mike Davis.

    Cohen's role could easily change...they had no issue giving him touches as a mid-rd rookie, seems to me they could easily put Whyte to the test with success.

    Best group of rbs the Bears have had since '86


  7. 1 hour ago, andypro77 said:


    Yes. Being 'explosive' is generally about genetics. From my quick read on Whyte, both he and Cohen have it. Catching passes out of the backfield is a learned skill, one which coach Nagy values very highly. Of course Cohen has that skill, and according to what I've read, Whyte doesn't.

    I haven't seen anything that suggests he can't catch, but this was also reported on the FAU pro day

    "Whyte also impressed by displaying powerful agility, crisp receiving routes and good hands."

    And he did return kicks after all, not the easiest thing to do.

  8. 34 minutes ago, Boudewijn said:

    While Tarik Cohenwill still see the lion’s share of targets out of the backfield

    Should we disregard the other rookie rb they drafted...Singletary's back-up that outproduced him on a per touch basis, the one not invited to the Combine, but put up these #s at his pro day:


    FAU’s Pro Day was March 26th and Whyte (5'10, 200) absolutely grabbed everyone’s attention with the numbers that he put up.

    • 40 yard dash: 4.36 (99th percentile)
    • Bench Press: 21 reps
    • Broad Jump: 132″ (97th percentile)
    • Vertical Jump: 42″ (98th percentile)
  9. Just now, Joe Odam said:

    Wrong. You think Mahomes scares defenses nearly as much with a traditional wr that can be pressed on the line and/or not separate downfield? I’ll help you....no


    Having a guy get open 50 yards down the field is worthless if you do not have a QB that can gun it there.

  10. 3 minutes ago, SharkSwimmer said:

    But Montgomery is not going to be available at a bench-RB price.  He'll be drafted as a team's RB2-3 in competitive leagues.  

    2nd level Rb is deep...it would take a great showing in preseason for him to be drafted higher than a flex play.

  11. 7 minutes ago, Joe Odam said:

    pulling the anecdotal example from the overall sample is never a strong move 


    edit: I will say this much; losing Hill is a much bigger drain on Damien's value than any of his direct competition for playing time. I imagine the box is going to get much more crowded than it was last year and that's unfortunate

    You’re saying hi to the wrong end of the horse...it was Mahommes that lightened the box.

  12. 36 minutes ago, dashoe said:

    how is his pass protection? We know Davis knows how to pick up pass protect and can catch too. Anyone see davis taking the howard role early season and the rookie taking over say midseason?

    Maybe if Monty had not been an early starter and if he had simply fallen to the bear in the draft. 

    There are things to prove now after letting Howard go for nothing...to a playoff competitor.

    Davis has only been a starter by default, he will have to come out blazing to get the starting nod...possible though.

  13. 1 minute ago, BrianM said:


    This is me as well.   I was shouting from rooftops in praise of Cohen earlier in this thread, but this development can't be ignored.  Cohen can still be impactful, but his outlook is clearly worse.   Montgomery looks good enough that he could absolutely take a primary role, if the staff so chooses.   I'm not saying I expect that, I'm just saying its feasible and has to be in the back of your mind when you consider Cohen's value.   He could get Duke Johnson'd here 

    Nobody moves up in the draft to secure a 3rd string rb.  

    It is up to Nagy now to show it was worth the expense.

  14. 7 hours ago, ajs723 said:


    I feel like I'm being expert-level trolled. James White was a solid RB1 last year. I never said Cohen was an RB1, I said RB2. All of those guys were RB2s in PPR last year. 

    Unless you guys are playing in 6 team leagues, top 20 RBs are not "bye week plays". Drake, Coleman, Yeldon, Brieda, etc. were all every week starts in 12 Team PPR leagues. 

    They rbs you listed were rb2’s because they benefited from injury to the actual starter.

  15. 47 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

    The point of my data is that the distribution range for any of those aforementioned running backs is going to look the same. 

    Drake's range was 17-4

    Coleman's range was 20-7

    Ekeler 18-3

    Breida 22-5

    Etc. etc....

    Bottom line, you're making a critique of Cohen that applies to any pass catching back. Yet all of these guys are PPR RB2s. If you're strategy is to avoid any RBs in this mold, that's your prerogative, but I'll continue to argue that it's a bad strategy. The data shows that these RBs are MORE reliable than the Derrick Henrys and Jordan Howards of the world, even though those guys get higher volume.  

    Well there’s your problem...Drake, Ekeler, Breida, Coleman are bye-week plays.

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  16. 1 hour ago, ajs723 said:

    So, why, pray tell, will his usage go down? You think Montgomery and Davis are going to significantly eclipse the nearly 20 touches per game the Bears got from Howard and Mizzell last year?

    Keep doubting Cohen, I love seeing this tough little dude prove everyone wrong year after year.  

    It’s not often that Shoe and I agree...you might want to recognize.

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  17. 23 minutes ago, ajs723 said:

    Alright, you wanna do this. Let's do this.


    Cohen averaged 10.6 touches per game, with a standard deviation of 4.3. 

    Kenyan Drake averaged 10.8 touches per game, with a standard deviation of 4.2. 

    Nyheim Hines averaged 9.3 touches per game with a standard deviation of 4.5

    TJ Yeldon averaged 11.3 carries per game, with a standard deviation of 5.5

    Tevin Coleman averaged 12.4 touches per game, with a standard deviation of 3.6.

    Matt Breida averaged 12.7 touches per game, with a standard deviation of 4.8

    Austin Ekeler averaged 10.3 touches per game, with a standard deviation of 4.8 


    So, if you're argument is that his touches are too inconsistent for PPR RB2, you are indeed wrong. His numbers are right in line with where they should be, even on the more consistent side. 


    More importantly, Cohen was THE MOST CONSISTENT FANTASY PRODUCER of any of those RBs (see the link I posted earlier). So even if you'd been right about his touches, which again you weren't, you'd still be reaching a false conclusion because his fantasy production was consistent.


    I'll say it again, in PPR, Cohen is a quality RB2. If you think the additions of Montgomery and Davis are going to keep Cohen from reaching 10 touches per game in Nagy's offense, I suggest you look at how many touches Howard got last year. I'd also just generally question your knowledge of the NFL. 


    You’re fighting for last year’s Cohen usage...save your breath.

    At least for now...before the battered dynasty owner tag hits.

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