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  1. I like both rbs...and the rookie wr they grabbed.
  2. Led the ncaa in forced-missed tackles 2 years in a row...makes the 1st tackler miss 41% of the time. Played behind what has been noted as a horrible offensive line. It will be worth watching what he can do with space.
  3. Well, unfortunately my leagues do not score last year’s pts or consistency rankings. Cohen owners/fans (myself included in the group) need to be honest with themselves and acknowledge that the bears added 2 rbs that are great between the tackles and have the ability to catch the football. Cohen is great, but there’s no chance he can maintain the touches he received in ‘18 without an injury to the others.
  4. If he can’t practice, then he will take a back seat...like JStewart did to DWill, even though production was there.
  5. If that was true they would not have drafted Harris.
  6. Not that either are worth the risk to me, but I'd rather buy Harris at the same adp than Michel. Michel will not be able to be a DNP during the week anymore and still get the starter reps.
  7. Solid draft & early start to UDFA signings. Surprised they did not use their last pick on the LSU Kicker...maybe they are still confident in Gould forcing the 9er hand.
  8. Are you saying that your posts were never deleted as an equal part of the problem, just asking.
  9. I get that...but certain things tend to shake out. I’d relax about it.
  10. Would you rather hear a ...”this Player X is nothing like Randy Moss, Calvin Johnson, or Antonio Brown” analysis??
  11. It’s almost like the Giants were sitting at the black jack table and took a hit holding 2 face cards.
  12. So...they’ll get “pushed down” one spot-?
  13. Scouting report from the Department of Redundancy Department.
  14. Packers back up their big FA acquisitions with two 1st rd picks. why not.
  15. With the opp to get the best OT in the draft, the Pack keep ignoring the need to keep Rodgers upright. perfect
  16. Lol...Joshua. Still sour his 50 td Luck projection blew up in his face a few seasons ago...sounds like he invested high in Moncrief then also.
  17. Maybe the 1st contract that will be loaded with more off-field clauses than on-field ones.
  18. Let me slow it down...again. His 7.0 ypcatch is the lowest out of all of the KC “RBS” Kareem Hunt had a 14.5 ypc last year...more than DOUBLE. Ware averaged 13.5 in 2016. *Reid probably wants that back in a back...I would.
  19. Keep up devaster...it is low for a KC rb.
  20. Depends on who is “we”...I never was.
  21. DW has the lowest ypcatch on the team, and probably the lowest of any recent KC rb...but again, I’m no DW expert. Do you think that stat has gone under the radar of the KC coaches?
  22. How does a Damien Williams Expert explain his poor yards per catch?
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