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  1. No offense, but you haven’t made a single post in Hyde’s favor suggesting that he is a capable backup plan, unless I missed it.
  2. Pedro, are you in the belief that you know more about Hyde’s potential in this offense than KC?
  3. Possible, but not worth using one’s top pick imo
  4. They said the same thing about the 2018 QB class...yet 2017 & 2019 might end up better.
  5. That’s what makes it a “Bold Prediction.”
  6. I can’t give Fangio more credit than he deserves...he is very good at getting the right pieces for his defense, but nobody is struggling to figure out or rushing to copy his scheme. He doesn’t have great relationships with his players, nobody on the team is worried about a void with him leaving, they merely wished him well.
  7. Our track was 440 yds = 1609m for the mile ...now we know how good my friend was.
  8. What was his winning time that last year...10.4-10.5?? A lot of sprinters can plateau early...I had a friend that ran a 4:45 mile in 8th grade, but he was also a kid that matured early and stopped growing once he hit HS. I’m betting this is the case with Bryce...let’s stop putting the hypothetical Olympic medal around his neck with the woulda coulda shoulda’s
  9. Mitch will breaking the bear passing yds & td record this season... ...and still not finish as a qb1
  10. +1 How come you never seen a stat guy post “if you take way his 2 pt game(s)...”-?
  11. My guess is that CW did not remove the child from the house because there were rats, drugs, garbage, loaded weapons, no food etc in the house. The caution they are taking reeks of an environment of abuse.
  12. The pack will draft a rb with a 2nd-3rd rd pick and screw their rb situation up.
  13. My guess is that he did not get much faster after his HS sophomore year.
  14. I love “number” guys that will grab an outlier game and completely throw it out like the accomplishment never happened. Yes, it needs to be recognized, and go ahead and temper it if you think it skews your graph - but throw it out?? smh Too much funny math.
  15. Throw up Dak’s dud percentage (take away his rushing pts for fair analysis)
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