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  1. It would be reckless for the Chiefs to not draft a rb that is at least as capable as T. Williams from A&M considering how affordable the rbs are this year.
  2. That’s fine...just take the best game away from every qb if we’re going to be fair.
  3. How about you at least acknowledge where he ranked before he hurt his shoulder.
  4. Can we at least wait a week before anyone claims that something is “pretty likely”...?
  5. Anthony Miller will have more tds than OBJ in the same # of games.
  6. A nuance to the pile of crap you posted. You adding “generally” does not remove the stink.
  7. I didn't realize that billionaires only lived next door to fellow billionaires.
  8. This is the year to own NE rbs & Edelman....and that’s about it, am I right-?
  9. I’m sure 31 teams and the Players Association are all turning a blind eye to what you believe to be true...makes a lot of sense.
  10. That’s just the signing bonus...not his salary
  11. There goes their cap space...they’ll be lucky to compete for a wildcard spot the next few years.
  12. They still will not be forced to score more than 25-27pts very often...which are the shootout games that push certain guys ahead of him as safer plays for ff. There aren’t enough people out there that have the same feeling about his 2nd yr with Nagy, so long story short...Mitch is a late-rd flier for draft purposes, nothing will change that in leagues outside of the 312 area code.
  13. It wasn’t his mindset last year. What more do you want from us?
  14. I believe he meant that he is actually a better QB for the bear than his stats show as a passer on paper, because the bears will not need to light up the scoreboard very often. But yes, he does get a very nice bump because of his running ability.
  15. Outside of where one thinks his talent ranks, Mitch is not on a team that keeps the pedal down once they have a reasonable lead...so the defense will make him an unpredictable start. He can be used in games when they face teams that have the ability to put up pts against them = Bye week, matchup play.
  16. Me too...but the OP was asking for another setting.
  17. NE was exponentially the best situation for him...Carolina has to be one of the worst for his ff outlook.
  18. You could always do a 10 man league where you actually face every team each week, keep a running W-L record...then whiddle it down to 4 teams for the playoffs.
  19. It’s not boring when you watch your players rake in the money...and there’s no opportunity to call it quits.
  20. Std vs PPR is only a league’s preference. The most competitive league I ever saw was a $ league that was total pts for the season, and the further your team fell behind the League median point total >>> the more $ you had to keep weekly putting in.
  21. That would be awesome...to have you haunted by the usage of a 2nd/3rd year rb, Mike Davis, and rookie rbbc all over again.
  22. Of course...but there is his yards per catch to address, which is lousy for a rb that is such an “amazing receiver.” Lowest on the team.
  23. Pedro...you need to acknowledge that there is a long line of rbs that have done well under Reid. All replaceable, and DW is nothing more than the soup of the day.
  24. I can’t wait until pedro claims that Cordarrelle Patterson is better than Hopkins because he averages more ff pts per carry. ...maybe it was the reason why Chicago traded Howard, 🤔
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