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  1. A second round pick in the NBA is nothing. Especially if it is from one of the top teams which it will be. No one is going to take Drummonds salary on. One of the problems with Drummond is that he could tank a teams chemistry. How do you fit a player like him into a team that is already an elite team. He could clog the middle. There is a reason why the leading Rebounder in the league is not wanted by anyone....it seems strange but hte game has changed so much. However, if Cleveland wanted to trade him they would be playing him. Benching him puts Cleveland in the spot of having to
  2. A second round pick? Give him up already. A second round pick is basically nothing. The thing to keep in mind is if a team trades for him don't they pick up the rest of his salary? The reason Blake Griffin went to the Nets was because the Nets did not have to pay his salary. If the Cavs are really serious about getting rid of Drummond then they have to buy him out. Don't worry what you are going to get in the trade for him By benching him they already showed their hand. Dumb move by Cavs.
  3. Why do the Lakers supposedly want him then? Why do the Nets supposedly still want him? I watch Drummond. I watched him often as a Piston. You thinking Allen is a great offensive player? He is no better. Maybe better defensively, but what I am saying is the Cavs if they want to make the playoffs or even be better in the playoffs, playoff teams do not subtract they add. They have made up their mind Drummond is gone no matter what next season....I can understand that. But if you want to make the playoffs you add...you do not subtract. I do not believe Love will add anything when or if
  4. Drummond was terrrible? The Cavs were the 6th seed when Drummond was playing. They have nose dived since they benched him. Drummond is not terrible and in fact he is better than Allen, but even if he wasn't won't you want to have the best roster you can going into the playoffs. Teams add pieces like Drummond all the time. Nets just added Griffin and another contender will add Drummond. Why is Drummond good enough for the Lakers but not good enough for the Cavs? Getting rid of players like Drummond are things teams out of the playoffs do, not teams trying to make the playoffs. Are they
  5. If the Cav's were seriously trying to make the playoffs wouldn't they be playing Drummond now? They are not going to get anything for him in a trade. To make the playoffs playing Drummond makes sense with Nance and Love out injured. The Cav's really don't care if they make the playoffs and they don't care if they play Love either.
  6. Makes some sense I suppose, but Drummond is not going to get the contract he now has during free agency. I imagine he could have been signed for a much cheaper deal, but now with Allen and Love (coming back) he is not needed. I think I heard that Allen got into it with some teammates though so not sure he will work out either. I'll be curious where Drummond ends up next season and where Love fits in when he comes back. Love just seems like an unreliable guy....always something bugging him......always sitting out games. Makes me winder how hurt the guy really is. I think there has been so
  7. But that is not true. Detroit got those picks partially because they took on Goff and his inflated salary. Wentz is like Goff, in fact drafted same year, they both are underachieving Qbs with inflated salaries. Heck at least Goff got Rams in playoffs this year. People forget that Rams had to give away draft picks so Detroit would take on Goff. The deal would not have happened if Goff was not in the deal.
  8. My response is if that was Cleveland's plan then why go out and get Drummond at all? You acquired him and you are in the playoffs play him. This makes no sense. I know this is about Love, but Drummond is better than Love and not hurt nearly as much. And if it is about playing the young guys this also goes back to my point than why play Love? Hence, I don't think Cleveland is hurrying to bring Love back. And stop screwing around with Drummond. That is not fair to him to be treated like that.
  9. At this point I am wondering if Love is ever coming back. Seems Cleveland is going in tank mode by getting rid of Drummond. They were 6th seed in the conference not long ago and appear to not really want to compete anymore. Why would they buy out Drummond or bench him all together if they were trying to win this season? Love serves even less purpose than Drummond as he is always hurt and in my opinion not as good as Drummond. I understand Cleveland does not plan on keeping Drummond next season, but if you want to win this season you play him and let him walk next season.
  10. Wow, what a disaster the Texans are. They let it all get away from them. Now they won't even get a trade package they like for Watson, because Watson will not stay there now for sure.
  11. I realize that. The point is The Bears can still resign him for money (less than what Wentz made) and not have to give up high draft picks to get him. So why go after Wentz? In my opinion, I don't think Wentz is any better than Trubisky. He is too risky. Heck, Bears can sign Winston who is better and not have to give up draft picks either. Eagles need to lower their price.
  12. He is too small. He has no power. People say Barry Sanders was small, but he had power. Swift is one hit and he is down. I don't see anything special in him. Watch Delvin Cook and watch Swift....light and day difference. Swift will never be a superstar.
  13. Here is my point. The Bears 'have' Trubisky. They do not have to give up tons of picks to keep him. Plus, Trubisky will make a lot less than Wentz. They would be dumb to trade for 'another' Trubisky.....Wentz is not that much of an upgrade than Trubisky. In fact, Wentz has been terrible the last couple of years and Philly has already said he aint good enough for them. If I am a team even looking at Wentz why would I pay that heavy asking price Philly is asking? Stafford got that package because Detroit took on 'another Wentz'....Detroit is the one who got the draft picks not the Rams...
  14. Is Wentz really an upgrade over Trubisky? Seems like a waste of draft picks to get him. Plus Eagles are desperate to offload him. The market has to be small. Eagles are not going to get much. The other thing going on here is the Eagles are dumping Wentz at his lowest value point. He had a bad season last year (last couple seasons) and has been injured. Not a lot of appeal here....possible potential, but Wentz still has that Foles Super Bowl hanging over him too. Whether it be Foles or Hurts the Eagles have been a better team with Wentz on the bench.
  15. I really don't like either of Gallman or Keke. I guess Keke...Deshaun has to pass to someone. I wll take Cousins of those Qbs. Do you really want to start a QB who is a rookie starting his first game in your playoffs? I am sure the Eagles have more problems than Wentz.
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