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  1. Appreciate the help guys maybe there is something on yahoo I am not aware of that puts points in front of head to head matchups even though the tiebreaker shows head to head matchup.
  2. Yeah our tie breaker says best regular season record vs opponent wins which I had but still managed not to make it because I had less points. Doesn't quite make sense to me.
  3. Hi team was hoping to see if anyone could give me a little bit better understanding on how playoffs work. The reason I ask the question is in our league settings the playoff tiebreaker is best regular season record vs opponent wins. We are both tied with the same record for the last spot and I won both regular season matchups however she made the playoffs and I did not. She did have more points than me however. Any thoughts on this? Is it that the tiebreaker only comes into effect if your points are tied as well? Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi team I have a trade in the works where I would get Terry McLaurin, Allen Robinson and David Montgomery and I would give up Miles Sanders and Diontae Johnson. This is a 1 pt PPR league. Would you make this deal My Roster is as follows. I am 5-4 and currently in 6th place. QB- Justin Herbert and Teddy Bridgewater RB- Clyde Edwards Helaire, Miles Sanders, Damien Harris, JaMycal Hasty, Joshua Kelley, Austin Ekeler (IR) WR- AJ Brown, Diontae Johnson, Robby Anderson, Tee Higgins, Tim Patrick TE- Hunter Henry, Dallas Goedert K- Stream DEF- Stream
  5. The big question to me is Johnson's Health If he can stay healthy I do like the deal for you but that is the big question for me because if you trade Woods and Johnson goes down you are in big trouble at WR.
  6. Depends on who the other guys QB's are. You definitely need a QB upgrade and if he has a solid QB to pair with Brady he might bite.
  7. Go with Johnson he is the better receiver with the higher upside (assuming he is healthy)
  8. Play Marvin Jones as he is heating up, play Dallas and play claypool in the plus matchup.
  9. I would go for the deal and not include Tonyan. Higgins is a much safer player ROS. Moore will have blowup weeks but he will also have terrible weeks where Higgins seems more consistent and more upside.
  10. Hi I am currently 5-3 in my 10 team PPR league but am struggling to put up points and looking to upgrade at RB and I have another team that needs a WR. Do I trade AJ Brown straight up for James Robinson? Or do you think I might be able to swing Robby Anderson for Robinson? His other backs are Kamara, Gibson, and Gurley. My roster is as follows QB- Justin Herbert and Teddy Bridgewater RB- Clyde Edwards Helaire, Miles Sanders, JaMycal Hasty, Damien Harris, Joshua Kelley (Austin Ekeler IR) WR- Tee Higgins, AJ Brown, Diontae Johnson, Robby Anderson, Tim Pat
  11. I would take it more upside on the guys you are getting.
  12. I'd go for it. You have plenty of depth plus will eventually get Ekeler Back
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