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  1. My definite keeper is Mahomes in the 10th. Who would you keep as my second? 10 team .5 ppr
  2. I’d be getting Bichette for Bieber in a keep forever league. In a vacuum is this a good deal?
  3. Damn, one day off from a rolled ankle? Seems optimistic
  4. Eno had an article on the Athletic the other day comparing him to a prime Miggy. He might be that good, folks
  5. It's an obp league and berrios would be a keeper instead of Rizzo
  6. The Angels turn into the Bad News Bears when Richards pitches.
  7. Just traded my Nola for Bellinger in a keep forever obp league.
  8. I trust the talent but not the situation. Say Freeman has two subpar games in a row and Coleman shows well, it's not unreasonable to think a split could happen. Quinn has shown he will not shy away from TC
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