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  1. Serious enough for him to not come back in a must win game. Hes out for season imo.
  2. I'm assuming KJ is Kerryon? I would hold too since I think Kerryon is going to get hotter.
  3. Full PPR 16 team league QB-Jameis, Daniel Jones WR- Julio,Evans, Hardman, AB ( I know) RB- Henry, White, Burkhead, Mattison, Pollard TE- Engram
  4. There's honestly zero reason Zeke shouldn't be producing Barkley Numbers. It's the damn playcalling. Dak>Eli O-Line>Giants Other weapons<Giants Workload=barkley Passing work<Barkley
  5. Might have to Sit Zeke for Coleman and Chubb
  6. I'd probably need something else in plus DJ if I owned Zeke and depending on my record/team.
  7. Zeke owner here. Why did the cowboys run away from him in the second half? Not gonna lie that ROS schedule has me a lil worried. Wouldn't be opposed to selling him if youre on the brink of missing/making the playoffs considering his next few games.
  8. Practiced today, Starting him in the dance and hoping he goes off against Cincy
  9. Davante Adams (concussion) remained sidelined at Wednesday's practice. Adams is still in the protocol. Coach Mike McCarthy said Adams is "pissed off" after the illegal Thomas Davis hit that concussed him, and Adams wants to play again this season. He has 24 touchdowns the last two years.
  10. Nope, GB out of playoffs. Even he does play it' s a tough matchup.
  11. Anyone worried about game script against CHI? I'm worried the game might be close and the Browns would just run more with Crow and Duke....
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