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  1. Need one in PPR flex spot - Deebo Samuel, Tee Higgins or Jakobi Myers? Also have a claims in for Cam Akers and Jamison Crowder...would either move to top of list?
  2. Henderson coming on strong, but still would rather have Joe Mixon for ROS, right. (PPR)
  3. the add here is the WR Deandre Hopkins. Allen and Brady are included to replace Jackson.
  4. Yes, I don't see it getting vetoed. Not sure it is in my best interest though. Leaves me very thin at RB.
  5. 10 team PPR, 6 pts all TDS I get Hopkins, Brady and JAllen I give Lamar, Dobbins, and Ingram Other owner really wants to make trade for LJax. my roster: QB: L.Jackson RB: S.Barkley, N.Chubb, M.Ingram, JKDobbins, A.Mattison, T.Coleman WR: C.Ridley, DKMetcalf, O.Beckham, E.Sanders, A.Lazard, Mike Williams, P. Campbell TE: E.Engram, H.Henry
  6. 10 team PPR, 6 pts all TDS How do i make this trade less likely to be vetoed but still a win for me? I get CMac, Brady and JAllen I give Lamar, Dobbins, and ??? other owner really wants to make trade for LJax and offered the above with Ingram. It was vetoed. my roster: QB: LJax RB: Barkley, Chubb, Ingram, Dobbins, Mattison, Henderson, Coleman WR: Ridley, Metcalf, Beckham, Sanders, Lazard, Mike Williams TE: Engram, Henry
  7. Anyone else see Henry seem to grab his hammy late in game. Any news?
  8. First trade was vetoed by League manager. He admitted he made a mistake and vetoed as LM instead of leaving it to a league vote. Still might have been vetoed by league. Anyway other owner came back with an offer of - CMac, Brady and Allen for LJax, Ingram and Dobbins maybe addition of Ingram is enough for this not to get vetoed?
  9. Commish vetoed it. 1st vetoed trade in 16 years of this league.
  10. 10 team PPR 6 pt pass tds was offered CMac, Brady and JAllen for LJax and Dobbins i don’t have another QB so would roll with Brady and Allen. this is a no brainer right?
  11. 10 team OBP Salary league - Have $33 more dollars in keeper money left What combination should I hang on to or should I keep the money heading into the auction draft - Puig $13 Gurriel, Jr $4 Mondesi $14 Cruz $18 Bauer $12 Total salary cap is $260 and we can keep up to $150 in salary. Thanks in advance.
  12. Anyone starting either of these Guys tonight? Wheeler vs Atlanta Gallen @ Colorado
  13. I get Mookie. I give Scherzer and Pham 5x5 Roto Keeper would leave me with Bauer, Wheeler, Paddack and Stripling as starters though Stripling is in pen for new. Available FAs...Musgrove, Stroman, S.Gray
  14. Yes, “closer” is parentheses, but I’m desperate. who’s the best speculative add? Kennedy (KC) Rogers (Min) Boxberger (KC) Reumbelow (Sea)
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