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  1. I am a Dodger fan and am very interested in this series vs the Padres. Dodgers soft schedule so far against Colorado has elevated their record thus far. Am excited to see what they can do against this young team in SD.
  2. Rodon scratched from his start cause illness 🙄
  3. Bundy with 10Ks and the QS. Love to see it.
  4. I own zero shares of DeGrom but I heard a crazy stat on the Radio just now I want to share. Jacob DeGroms ERA since 2018 is 2.07- probably is the best in baseball IMO. The Mets bullpen during that span? 6.16!! To make matters worse, DeGrom has left with the 5th inning lead, only to have the bullpen blow the lead 31 times. That’s potentially 31 wins he should have during his career. Wow
  5. Rodon gets out of bases loaded with a SO. Geez
  6. Here’s to hoping Buehler doesn’t start strutting the Rockies lineup and then gets lit up like somebody!
  7. You could nearly get Buster for free in Drafts, and was on a few wires to begin the season. A whole season off could be just what the Doctor ordered.
  8. Man we go from Opening Day, ‘Baseball is back baby!’. To a 7-Game schedule.. what a buzzkill.
  9. I feel this in my bones right now. Anxiety is high. 😂
  10. Agreed. Dude has massive upside in a hitters park, with a good lineup around him. I can’t remember who said it but some have speculated he could get time playing First base?
  11. Ranting about players still considered day to day but their respective teams have yet to put them on the Injured List when they have zero shot of playing opening day. I need to move them to my IL spot!
  12. I’ve never had any shares of Bryce but I actually got him in the third round, 27th overall. Couldn’t believe it. Here’s to a MVP season!
  13. Pomeranz returned yesterday and fired 2Ks. I know the team insiders are thinking Pagan still, but are we thinking he is the long term closer?
  14. That’s fair. He is gaining a ton of hype but in the tenth round I think he’s worth the risk!
  15. I feel you. My money league I was 11-3, top scoring team. Get knocked out by a lucky team(only 4 teams advance). Guess what the championship teams did this week? 100.14-102.30. JFC!!! Also just lost a Finals matchup by 2 cause Bills D couldn’t get any turnovers this sucks.
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