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  1. I feel you. My money league I was 11-3, top scoring team. Get knocked out by a lucky team(only 4 teams advance). Guess what the championship teams did this week? 100.14-102.30. JFC!!! Also just lost a Finals matchup by 2 cause Bills D couldn’t get any turnovers this sucks.
  2. Six for Bills D through 2Q. Just give me a interception and a couple sacks! All I need is 9!
  3. This game is helping me decide to advocate for no more D/ST. Waste of a roster spot 90% of the time.
  4. Good way to look at it. Options outside of cold weather Buffalo/Pitt/Baltimore/Cleveland is Miami, Tennessee not many haha
  5. I’d think for playoff seeding. I wouldn’t want to travel for a playoff game, so why not try and win out.
  6. Maaaan I am on a sweat tonight. Needing 9 out of Bills Defense for the ‘ship. Let’s get this game started!
  7. I have been running a 12 team league with buddies of mine and am also strongly considering ridding Team DST for 1 or 2 IDP. One thing I learned, in this year was especially luck driven.
  8. After facing Jones and Henry tonight I am still in it and need 9 points out of Buffalo Defense. Gonna be a sweat.
  9. How do the Titans/Tannehill not just force throws to AJB?
  10. So Jones sits the sideline for the whole drive but goes in for the 2 point attempt? Odd
  11. Wow Hurts losing six points in this quarter is awesome.
  12. How in the hell does that equate a fumble??!!!??!! They reviewed it and did they not see his knee down!!??
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