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  1. Looking for yahoo 25-75 buy in H2H only and snake. Let me know spoolings@comcast.net
  2. I got your email, I’ll look over it later tonight
  3. Thanks for the info but not really looking at auction. Thank you though.
  4. Looking for H2H Yahoo league with 10-12 teams and 50 or 75 buy in? spoolings@comcast.net
  5. Out week 15 washington laird and McGuire show
  6. Well as a Gaskins, Ahmed, and David Johnson owner I’m rolling him out. Lol starting rbs for the playoffs are Washington and Jamaal Williams, here we go.
  7. Exactly what I was saying in this thread when people were saying he won’t play more and how I was saying TE was a wasteland lol. Guess he’s playing playing more now. This happens people who were smart enough to pick him on waivers for Wednesday morning need to stop complaining. Picked him up like I said then in all my leagues cause I didn’t have kelce. Also it’s happen in yahoo in past: colston was a TE all rookie year for those of you old enough to remember it in yahoo jaylen samuels was a TE for the the year Conner got hurt and gave you a rb as a TE It happens and
  8. As I expected you to run away, which I do appreciate. I guess since your a “Saints fan” you know everything. As I was quoted it said “I think” and I’m entitled to my opinion but you have this god complex where no one else can have an opinion. Thanks for turning a simple comment into something where you try to make it like you know everything
  9. Lol thanks for playing but your wrong on both accounts. And you quoted my whole post which is where i spoke about the wasteland. Good try taking a comment where I said I was “gambling on the TE wasteland” and starting Hill. And also another year does matter as he’s played more then last.
  10. And also his usage is already up from last year. In 2019, Hill's usage with Brees active was 5.6% compared to 4.9% with Bridgewater. However, his usage has gone up in 2020 to 9.4%.
  11. Lol last year Jameis wasn’t the qb plus Hill is another year in the offense. And again it was geared towards the TE wasteland which not sure why you are ignoring.
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