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  1. His route running appears to be elite. Why he get no ball?
  2. All the guys you mentioned have gotten WAY more work than Akers has. Akers - 35 carries JT - 113 carries CEH - 126 carries Swift - 54 carries & 26 Rec Dobbins - 52 carries
  3. Can't believe they wasted a 2nd rd pick on a RB who they don't even use
  4. Got offered this for my Dalvin Cook. Leaning towards declining as I don't want to lose my elite RB but I think JT could have a big 2nd half and obviously would get a huge upgrade at TE. Team in Sig. Thoughts?
  5. I give: Ekeler and Robert Woods I get : Thomas Team in sig. Is this giving too much?
  6. Is James White a must add for me? Just lost Eck and hurting at RB behind Cook? I'm gonna drop 50%+
  7. I just lost Eck for atleast 4-6 weeks so I'm a bit thin at RB right now. Should I entertain this trade? I never like giving up the best player in a trade. Also - Just put a bid in for James White on waivers. Robinson as in James Robinson, RB Jacksonville. Team in Sig
  8. Assuming Big Ben is healthy all year, who would you want back in a trade? 0.5 PPR
  9. Would you guys Pull the trigger if you were going to get a solid WR2 in JuJu for Hunt straight up? What's his trade value right now?
  10. I give: Kareem Hunt I get: JuJu My team is in sig. Initial thought is no - I think Hunt's upside is too great and JuJu's success is tied to directly with Big Ben 7's health. Thoughts?
  11. Haven't watched a Jags game. Are his carries actual handoffs or are they jet sweeps?
  12. Rolling the dice on Reagor over Evans today.
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