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  1. The Chiefs THIRD best corner is going to have to cover AB. Good luck. It comes to down to whether the Chiefs will be able to score at will. They usually do.
  2. Those lineman losses for KC could be big considering how Tampa's D is looking. 3 road games against Brady's biggest peers to finally play the Super Bowl at home. If you're at all romantic about sports it's Go Bucs.
  3. It was always going to be tough for the Saints playing with their best QB injured.
  4. I have friends who are dumb enough to believe Rodgers is better. "Oh Brady could never make the plays Rodgers makes." Yeah, but Rodgers couldn't make the plays that Vick made. Does that make Vick better than Rodgers? Cman.
  5. Josh Allen will always be leading Brady in the racist tweets stat though. Give him that. What Brady has done at age 43 (!), should put to rest what has already been put to rest multiple times. GOAT
  6. Starting him away from home on a Thursday, against the Rams no less, seems like just asking for a loss. It's about as ugly as it could be.
  7. The upside of that is the Saints will have the ball a lot. Glass half full.
  8. Bevell also said wide receiver Kenny Golladay improving every day and Bevell is hopeful that Golladay can go. “I love Kenny,” Bevell said. “He’s a super competitive guy. He wants to be out there for his teammates, he wants to be out there playing ball for himself, and he’s a game changer for us when he’s out there.” I don't know what this means, if anything, but at least it's an update.
  9. I really want to play in one of your leagues that rewards ROY points.
  10. Anybody claims to know what this guy's gonna do next weekend is either lying or Marty McFly.
  11. He's already a pretty good wide receiver, just wait until he learns how to catch.
  12. Anyone grabbing him? Surely some upside in the TE wasteland.
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