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  1. When can we start talking batting title?
  2. Much scarier than just a dtd thing. There’s the Hayes comparison and there’s also the fact that a wrist thing sapped Bryant last year. Almost prefer an IL stint.
  3. A week of seeing O’s and Tigers pitching sure helps let’s be honest.
  4. Exciting he's coming back. Always beware the first start of a pitcher coming of the IL though.
  5. How are the goddamn Mets so ******** bad? Honestly?
  6. A few balls hit really hard the last couple of games. Lots of bad luck.
  7. Even an innocuous injury is bad news for KB. It seems like last year he had niggling issues and they completely sapped him.
  8. Like many of you I'm sure, I held my nose drafting him. Was sure it was going to be an awful pick. Being wrong never felt so right. Is it too early to begin the trade speculation? Atlanta, NYM, Blue Jays all spring to mind as competitive teams who could use a 3B.
  9. A notoriously slow starter, right? RIGHT?! I thought Arenado protection would pay more immediate dividends. Not to be the case so far...
  10. Lost by 1 point in my H2H point league on an 11th inning Hosmer sac fly last night. The perfect storm it took to get there was something else. What's worse? I traded Hosmer to my opponent a week ago.
  11. It's just way too early and way too cold to making a judgement call on a player of Lindor's calibre. Let's talk in June. I imagine the conversation will be very different.
  12. If you think a player like Lindor is “trash” on April 18th, I would try another fantasy sport. Or you can always drop him for Miguel Rojas.
  13. He looks awesome. Hitting the ball really hard. Not impossible that he has a late career renaissance.
  14. Was snowing in Denver last night. Mets looks pretty surprised as per Stroman and Pillar's reactions here....https://twitter.com/jflan816/status/1382896280335220741?s=20 Wouldn't shock me to see yet another Mets PPD
  15. Forget runs. Are they even going to play with the rain? Feels like the PPD is inevitable.
  16. Agreed. The Mets aren't playing today.
  17. It's only spring but he looks just as completely lost at the plate as he did last year. It appears he's tinkering with his stance as well, which I don't take to be a good thing.
  18. You'd have to think the counting stats will be much improved now that he has protection in the form of Arenado.
  19. The Chiefs THIRD best corner is going to have to cover AB. Good luck. It comes to down to whether the Chiefs will be able to score at will. They usually do.
  20. Those lineman losses for KC could be big considering how Tampa's D is looking. 3 road games against Brady's biggest peers to finally play the Super Bowl at home. If you're at all romantic about sports it's Go Bucs.
  21. It was always going to be tough for the Saints playing with their best QB injured.
  22. I have friends who are dumb enough to believe Rodgers is better. "Oh Brady could never make the plays Rodgers makes." Yeah, but Rodgers couldn't make the plays that Vick made. Does that make Vick better than Rodgers? Cman.
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