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  1. I never saw Jones take another snap after the fumble. Maybe his saving grace will be that Tampa won the game ..
  2. Welp RJ, you had your chance and you fumbled it away....
  3. Split carries with who? He had all the RB carries lol smh
  4. Depending on what site you use , you might not be able to waiver add your own drop..
  5. Titans D with Matt Barkley possibly starting
  6. Who’s the better waiver wire pickup in a STANDARD scoring league ROS?
  7. Who do you guys like Kyle Hendricks or Giolito?
  8. What do you guys think of Stanek as closer in Miami?
  9. That contract will be an absolute albatross and huge mistake in another two years. Yes he’s a fan favorite , but I don’t think that makes him worth $21 million a year into his age 37 season. I can see him eventually moving to first base because his defense is already getting bad in the OF
  10. They’re sick and tired of Almora at the plate. Look for them to acquire someone in the OF and make Almora a defensive replacement late in games. They still like his glove
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