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  1. I believed in this guy until Friday when I dropped him after his 0/4 game.... Since then: 4/9 with 3R, 3Hr, 6RBI… and today’s game still on the Bot4th. %OWN: 6.6 in ESPN. After this weekend that will change. As a Freeman owner I would just try to add him (again) and hope for the best.
  2. As much as I would like to criticize the Rockies on their approach with Dahl, unlike my fantasy team, they're in no rush.
  3. Just saw his last hit, I'm in. I've been closely observing him for my 12 Team- 5OF league. Let's see how this unfold. Not sure about the metrics, (someone could help with this), but it seems after seeing his last couple of games, that his having better contact. As mentioned before, batting 2nd in a good lineup. A little concern about the platoon role. But as my 5th OF, I'm intrigued on what he can bring this year.
  4. Drafted? More like picked him up and gave him a chance early on. I don't remember the exact %, but it was less than 15% owned in Espn by the time I started this thread. Having said that, and all my love for this guy, I've just traded him for Carrasco in my 12team. His stock is at an all time high right now. In my opinion, if you can get a 3rd- 5th rounder today, pull the trigger. His floor remains too low and he has created so much value that is scary to own at this point. At the same time if you can't receive much value for him is better to just enjoy the ride. All th
  5. .278, 3hr, 15 RBI. Not too bad for April...
  6. Just wondering.... Is it too crazy to believe in this guy this year? He had a great Spring training, good batting order and just 32yo (I thought he was older). Picked him up from FA but all in all, for a CI or Util spot I could be doing much worse.
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