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  1. Hey everyone. First off, my league: 10 team, h2h roto categories, redraft, 6x6 scoring with OPS the extra category for hitters, and QS for pitchers. Jorge Soler and Eugenio Suarez are both on Free Agency, and I think I should pick them both up. Not sure who to drop; thinking Adam Jones maybe, and not sure from there. Thoughts? Here's my roster: C: Gary Sanchez 1B: Anthony Rizzo 2B: Jose Alutve SS: Xander Bogaerts 3B: Adrian Beltre OF: Cody Bellinger OF: Andrew Benintendi OF: Ryan Braun UTIL: Gleyber Torres UTI
  2. Hey all: First off: 10 team, head to head, redraft, 6x6 roto, where the bonus categories are QS for pitchers and OPS for hitters. I feel like my team is pretty solid, but it's in last place. Not sure what changes to make (dumped Bundy tonight already, though); Beltre and Knebel are back off the DL today/tomorrow, so I'll need to clear at least one more bench spot. That aside, though, would you look to make any changes? Target any trades? There are some interesting prospects on free agency, but am curious what you guys would think. My roster is below: C: Gary Sanchez
  3. The time to grab Buehler is now. Who should I drop? (10 team h2h redraft 6x6 with extra categories being QS for pitchers and OPS for hitters.) Here's my roster (Yahoo eligibilities) C: Gary Sanchez 1b: Anthony Rizzo 2b: Jose Altuve SS: Bogaerts 3B: Gallo OF: Belligner OF: Benintendi OF: Braun UTIL: Gleyber Torres UTIL: Andujar BN: Adam Jones BN: Michael Brantley SP: Syndergaard SP: Carlos Martinez RP: Giles RP: Neris P: Bauer P: Bundy P: Pivetta P: Strickland BN: Soroka BN: Teheran
  4. Gotcha. Yeah I don't care much about Corey Dickerson at all. Swanson has been an admirable fill in for X, and as a Yankee fan I'm excited for Torres but don't want to be premature. I am concerned with my pitching, however.
  5. Hey folks, got a 6x6 (extra categories are OPS for hitters and QS for hitters), h2h, redraft 10 team league. I was offered: Robbie Ray Rich Hill Corey Dickerson for my Xander Bogaerts Tanner Roark (who I was only streaming anyway). Do I bite? Here's the rest of my roster: C: Gary Sanchez 1B: Anthony Rizzo 2B: Jose Altuve SS: Xander Bogaerts 3B: Miguel Andujar OF: Cody Bellinger OF: ANdrew Benintendi OF: Ryan Braun UTIL: Adam Jones UTIL: Gleyber Torres BN: Joey Gallo
  6. 10 team, 6x6 (extra categories OPS and QS), h2h redraft: Several players I'd be interested in picking up and pitchers I'm interested in streaming, including: Matt Chapman (dropped him the other day but maybe I shouldn't have?) Tim Anderson, Michael Taylor (both for major SB potential?), Nick Pivetta, Sean Newcomb (for either holding or SP streaming?) The problem is I am having trouble getting anyone to bite on trades, and don't know who to drop. Would you drop anyone here for any of the above? FWIW, I've already used 2/6 roster moves this week. Here's my squad: C: Gary Sa
  7. First: 6x6 redraft h2h, with the extra categories being QS for pitchers and OPS for hitters. What would you do with this roster? I'm definitely way more hitter-heavy than I ever like to be—would be interested in dropping someone to pick up Margot in addition to extending my pitching balance. Would you target any type of trade? Are any of my hitters completely droppable? I definitely usually like to have no more than 2 of my 5 bench spots devoted to hitters, and right now I have four. Thoughts? Here's my roster: C: Gary Sanchez 1B: Anthony Rizzo 2B: Jose Altuve S
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