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  1. Ginkel just came on to pitch the 7th in a 0-0 tie with the Nats.
  2. Has anyone else thrown a dart at the ARI closer situation? I'm thinking of going with Ginkel instead of Crichton because well... dart throw. Those two do seem most likely to me though.
  3. I’m sure Wade Davis being hot garbage has nothing to do with you personally.
  4. In other words you need to trade a batter to get Strasburg.
  5. They actually had Valdez warming. But Plutko gave up the tying 2 run HR before Valdez could even get loose. I’m not sure why plutko was on the mound at all in the last inning though. At least Valdez got the W.
  6. Your professional medical diagnosis may or may not have been accurate. Obviously what I said about the bullpen was.
  7. From the real (not fantasy) manager’s perspective, he’s still better than whatever gas can they have sitting in the bullpen.
  8. ok. It looks like maybe baseballpress etc. have the wrong pitchers in the 1st/2nd games. It looks like Las Vegas is taking action on the first game based on Sheffield for SEA and Means for BAL. Action on the second game is for Margevicius and Kremer. So like I said, stream RHBs for BAL, and for SEA go with LHBs who are in the first game vs. the LHP and hope they stay in the lineup for the second game vs. the LHP. Disclaimer: I did find some conflicting info on gambling sites for probable pitchers too. But I'm pretty sure that's what Vegas is doing.
  9. I'm not saying numbers are irrelevant. I'm just saying appearances are much more important. SPs, not RPs, will always be your primary source of ERA and WHIP (and Ks) because of IP anyway.
  10. Speaking of which, anyone having trouble with the lineups on baseballpress etc.? They seem to be listing the exact same BAL lineups for both games and the SEA lineup for the second game, but not the first. Just seems like it's incorrect. I was trying to stream a hitter or two that might play in both.
  11. I think it's a mistake to look primarily for skill or even stats when chasing holds as opposed to saves. For holds you just need a guy who will get a lot of appearances with the lead. With saves, you need a guy who is good enough to get the final out, keep the manager's faith his best guy, etc.
  12. As AnonymousRob said, Clase put 2 guys on. A closer's job is to K guys, not put them on base.
  13. It might end up being a bad drop. But one thing I wish someone had told me when I first started fantasy baseball is not to fear the regrettable drop any more than the regrettable hold. In the end, it just depends on what's available on waivers in any given league at the moment. FWIW though, he also walked 12 in 19 IP during spring training. And yeah I realize ST is when pitchers work on various things. But walks aren't among them. He also seems to be on a tight innings limit. So even if he's a World Beater this season, he'll probably get shut down early.
  14. In fairness, it's almost always better to go with a journalist over a gut instinct. Everyone has a gut instinct. Not everyone has inside sources. That said, my understanding was that there was more than just one writer hinting at Pagan being the guy.
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