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  1. His 10 team ESPN ADP is undrafted (140+). It's reasonable to assume anyone that late went undrafted in a lot of 12 teamers too.
  2. It’s a good thing all the internet doctors have figured out EXACTLY what happened here. Lol So far it’s been determined that the average incubation period is five days and can exceed 2 weeks. Gobert just happens to be the first guy to get diagnosed. But it’s entirely possible that a third person gave it to both Mitchell and Gobert. Or even that Mitchell gave it to Gobert and Gobert just started to experience symptoms and/or get diagnosed earlier.
  3. It wasn’t an MCL or any kind of ligament damage. Just a torn meniscus.
  4. It might be worth picking this guy back up from the trash heap, depending on how long this coronavirus thing lasts.
  5. "elite LOOGY" is a bit of an oxymoron, which is why you can't think of any. If a pitcher really has "elite" stuff, he can be trusted to face 3 batters, especially with the option of walking at least one of them in most situations.
  6. lol really? Maybe he should worry about sucking less as a pitcher this year on the garbage Reds before considering the playoff format that he is unlikely to see anyway.
  7. He put their best available guy out there on full rest and Kershaw gives up back-to-back HRs yet we want to blame the manager? uh, ok. NOT putting Kershaw out there with the season on the line would have been the fireable offense. Not the other way around.
  8. There are millions of fantasy drafts/leagues every season. So it’s pretty obvious someone will take Yordan Alvarez in the first round in at least one of them. You could probably say the same for just about anyone with a sub-100 ADP. So that discussion is pointless. In fact, it’s almost equally pointless to discuss whether a DH-only player with 300 career ABs will have a first round ADP. He won’t. Even if you think he’s a first ballot HOF’er you’d have to value him even higher to justify jumping that early on a guy whose market value is so much lower than the pick you use on
  9. This dude has been a beast in the last couple weeks. I think he may have affected a lot of roto leagues last night with 4 SBs.
  10. It's looking like they'll be pitching Scherzer for the last regular season game anyway.
  11. It seems like the Astros always manage to get their lineup out later than everyone else. I wonder if the team also doesn't find out until really late. Anyway, Yordan Alvarez is out of the lineup, for anyone who can still sub him out.
  12. Unless his ADP gets up above 100 or so, I probably won't have him next year. As people have said, he gets hot and cold. If he starts out 2020 cold, he may end up on some waiver wires.
  13. Also, wins/Ks are a bit more streamable in roto now because of the opener + primary pitcher. The two pitching ratios help to keep people honest though.
  14. I’d say winning a fantasy baseball league (even h2h) involves more skill than luck whereas winning a fantasy football league involves more luck than skill. I think that statement is more factual than a judgment on which is better. Personally, I’m not playing fantasy football this season for the first time in years. But not because of the luck factor. I just like football more and would rather just follow the standings and watch/bet on games, and fantasy kinda distracts me from that enjoyment whereas the other fantasy sports add to it.
  15. I guess there are two ways to look at it. One is that he might be a lazy fat slob who never bothered to work out. The other is that if he really has never lifted then he should become a monster once he starts.
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