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  1. browns are safer despite the out guys. ugly game there i think. rams have the most upside i think with eagles in between. i'd prolly play it safe with browns
  2. gotta ride the hot hand in logan thomas. i have the same choice in one and ain't even thinking about it. plus no terry might mean a few more looks for logan
  3. Gotta keep the thread on pace with his scrimmage yard totals
  4. anyone consider selling because of ozigbo/Armstead or think mixon is a good replacement is nuts. Why on earth would the jags want to dim the biggest, brightest spot on their team? Dude is doing things HoFers did when they started. Prolly selling jerseys like hot cakes. Helping the team be talked about and helping on field. They gonna throw that out for other jags? Are you gonna trade a top 5 ppr rb for an underperforming rb bordering on bust town? If so, get off this ride and never come back. You were never wanted in the first place
  5. There's already hundreds of... Here's to you, Mr. Robinson. I have one myself. Make it plural if ya have Arob as well
  6. My only regret is only having 21 shares on 29 teams (3/4 dyno/devies). Go ahead and make fun of the amount teams but I'll just counter with more Jrob is never a bad thing. Even the one league I faced him in this week feels good. This is gonna be a year long party, boys. I can only imagine the despair of owners who failed to get a share. Why even live?
  7. Mixon is gamescript dependent atm. Jrob flips the script
  8. It made no sense to me. He even looked like he improved his stock at combine. It's probably like the fantasy experts overlooking him till today. They didn't know him so they didn't pay attention to him. The skillset and talent was there though and now everyone knows
  9. I have jrob in 21/29 managed leagues. It feels so good. This guy came on my radar back before nfl draft during my devy/dyno research. I was shocked he was not drafted. Had a 4th/5th round grade on him. Guess small school and lacking in long speed hurt. But, as you all know now, he is great at almost everything. Vision superb, good power and burst, can pass protect and catch. This kid is special. Enjoy the ride
  10. league is full. i will start a list for replacing non-payers in a few mins. leave email or pm and be willing to pay asap if needed
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