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  1. Nice outing tonight, but the question was never really about game performance, but post game health situation. Things look good as far as we know. 80 pitch / 5 inning outings might be common occurrence going forward.. And LA has the pitching depth to make it strategically work. Pair Hill up w/ a long inning counterpart (Ryu, McCarthy, Urias, etc..) and piece together solid outings every 5th day.
  2. Time to stuff Salazar in the pen. Salazar/Miller/Allen.. Shortened 5 inning games
  3. Tried to a get little too cute managing Severino, sitting him 3 of last 4 starts (didn't trust yet). You can guess one I played him (7.94 ERA). Lesson learned: Never trust my gut instinct again ROS.
  4. Waiting for him to drop below Mendoza line.. 50/50 chance he gets dropped in some leagues. (Wishful thinking for me.. But actual possibility)
  5. Getting pretty rough rostering Dahl as my 4th DL stash on an already thin roster. But waited this long, just can't drop now and risk him getting vultured.. But more positively, Reynolds been a nice fill in. Evidence that even 33 year olds can have breakout potential in Coors. Easy to forget this guy had consecutive HR totals: 28, 44, 32, 37, 23. No career scrub by any means, and possibly a case of Coors hiding age..
  6. Damage might already be done. I think he was depending on a nice Spring to solidify his position in the lineup. Got injured, and guys like Reynolds and Parra have stepped up instead. Now Desmond's coming back.. Not seeing him break 400 AB's this year.
  7. Might as well sit for a bit now while the whole team slumps. Hopefully he returns to a better situation.
  8. Wonder how many fully expected Martinez to give up 4-5 runs and benched him.. Could have imagined him surviving with manageable stats, but 10 K's? That much beyond expectation. Looking forward to CIN
  9. I've never drafted Kershaw. But if I do, I'm going: Rd 1 - Kershaw Rd 8 - Martinez or Cole Rd 10-15 - At least 2 of the following: Hill, Matz, Harvey, Kuechel, McCullers, Ross Rd 24 - Lynn, Cobb, etc.. The Rd 8 Martinez pick is just for safety in case Kershaw misses a month b/c of his back. If I know Kershaw will go 32 starts, I'm probably waiting till Rd 10 for my SP2
  10. Have a hard time seeing guys like Kluber/Sale as truly Elite Tier 1 - Kershaw Tier 2 - Scherzer, Bum, Thor I know Kluber and Sale are considered Elite, but I see some drop from true Tier 2 Guys. This is probably why I pass on investing early on SP's and go w/ a 2SP combo of Darvish, Stras, Carrasco, deGrom in mid rounds. Then I grab 2 CL in rounds 8 and 9 (Britton and Diaz in last draft)
  11. That's probably true. So it's probably an overstatement to bump Blackmon up ahead of Betts. But it still seems a bit strange that Betts gets such extreme value (Top 2 pick), when Blackmon is having a hard time squeezing into the 1st round at all, and Blackmon can realistically surpass Betts in both HR and Steals playing in Coors and with a functioning Foot. His combo of power, speed and BA could potentially be best in all baseball. If anything, this shows 1) How close elite talent can be this season, 2) Blackmon is probably much more legitimately elite than we tend to think.
  12. Strasburg owners need their own separate strategy. You draft knowing your goal is only to get 1/2 a healthy season (top 5 SP production) from Stras, then the next step is to sell him come 2nd half for inflated return (top 5 SP value). Ideal situation is full season of health. But fall back plan is probably necessary.
  13. True that. But Blackmon also has the realistic chance of exceeding Betts in Runs with Rockies improved offense. Counting stats might match all things considered.
  14. Blackmon does seem underrated. It just feels a bit underwhelming to finish round one with Blackmon on your roster when just about every one else has a big name superstar. But what exactly separates Blackmon from Betts by one whole round, when all stats considered, they might end the year with identical numbers? Boston's offense is probably not as strong, meaning Bett's counting stats will probably go down. Many are also projecting some decline anyways in spite of the his age. Blackmon's ideal season (No turf toe or trade) has a pretty good shot of matching or even exceeding Betts in all catego
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