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  1. This didn't age well. Doesn't look so bad now. 😆
  2. Fantrax league - previously ESPN for the first 12 years however moving over due to how badly ESPN sucked this year... 18 Team Dynasty League (essentially a dynasty, keep 24 of 40). H2H Points 40 man rosters Keep 24 Draft includes those not kept as well as first year players (Vaugh, Rutschman, etc.) League is unique in that pitching scores negative points (for the most part). The goal is to get to 54 IP while giving up the least amount of points (similar to real baseball). It's a unique concept and takes a couple weeks to get used to however a majority of the people
  3. Yep. Gonna pile onto the Marte hype train before it leaves the station. Stats in rookie ball were unreal and it looks like he's got wheels too. Going into this year I thought it'd be Antoni Flores but I didn't see enough there. Marte is the deep league major riser stash.
  4. Promoted to AA. I know a lot of folks had this guy earmarked as the number one pick of FYPD. Decent numbers in A. Someone to watch that could put it all together at any point imo.
  5. Fun while it lasted. Next hype train fellas 😎
  6. No denying his back to ball skills.
  7. I just want to confess I was wrong about this guy. Weight has been lifted off my shoulders.... In all seriousness, the McCutchen comp I saw seems spot on.
  8. It's interesting watching these prospects who gain a lot of attention and how their threads just slowly run off the tracks. -starts with the positives and hype build up -player keeps raking -folks here get bored, nothing to talk about so we debate something meaningless -folks argue with the trolls -player gets promoted to next level -rinse/repeat This thread will spiral out of control soon....buckle up. To summarize, Franco is short and won't hit homers, Vlad Jr is fat and won't stay at 3B so he's useless and Alvarez is probably the worst
  9. 100M guaranteed to buy out 2 free agent years? I have to think he and most stud prospects go for that. Only part about Acunas contract I think he got shafted is the team options. Other than that it's close to a win win.
  10. Yeah makes me sad. This guy feels like Hoskins 2.0. I'm in a league where guys like Hoskins are top 25 offensive players. Just the way the points shake out.
  11. Played 10 days in a row and tossed up hitless games the last 2. Thinking routine day off. Nothing to see here
  12. I'm betting an Acuna type contract gets done. This guy is special and I think the rays will pony up the cash
  13. One of these things is not like the other. Lol I get what you're saying, I'm just appreciating the one and hopefully only time I'll see these 4 names together.
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