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  1. In the deepest of keeper leagues, Victor Caratini could be a wise add. He’s the backup catcher, but he’s also covering 1B while Rizzo’s back is sore. Eye-popping numbers last year in AAA and he got a couple of knocks today.
  2. Figured he was Just A Guy, but this Rotoprofessor writeup caught my interest... Drew Robinson – OF, Texas Rangers: Here’s a much deeper sleeper name for you than the others on the list. It was expected that the Rangers would be starting Willie Calhoun, a more highly touted prospect, in left field but first crack at the job is going to Robinson. The 25-year old rookie got a cup of coffee last year and flashed some power potential with 6 HR in 107 AB. Robinson has shown a nice blend of power and speed throughout his minor league career with a better than average walk rate. The t
  3. For real deep leaguers, Preston Tucker has been on fire as the starting LF for Atlanta. Haven’t had the chance to see him play so I don’t know how sustainable his production is, but those numbers sure look nice in my lineup. Also, Drew Robinson has been starting at LF for Texas and has an intriguing power/speed blend. Hit a HR on Sunday and stole a bag last night.
  4. Having a draft tonight for a league my girlfriend and I started. 12 teams, 9x9, different categories. So far we only have 3 teams, including us. Anyone interested? Join us at https://baseball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/b1/173968/invitation?key=34deaafb6204a4ef&ikey=d615496a6f0970d6&soc_src=app-sh
  5. I HATE THE LAST WEEK OF THE SEASON AND YAHOO!'S "EXPERTS" WHO DON'T KNOW s--- Dropped Robbie Ray because Yahoo said last night was "likely" his last start of the season. Now he's pitching on Sunday and it's highly unlikely I'll be able to snag him back up. I need all the innings I can get. This better not cost me my matchup... so angry right now.
  6. Where did you get this information? The latest update says that McCullers is throwing a bullpen tomorrow and could return to the rotation on Sunday if all goes well.
  7. In which leagues does Yandy qualify at SS? I wish he did in Yahoo, I could really use him...
  8. Cardinals prospect Jack Flaherty may get the call up to face the Rays in St. Louis tomorrow and could possibly replace Mike Leake in the rotation for the rest of the season. Not a sure thing yet, but worth stashing him in your NA slot just in case.
  9. But not pitching today...grrrr. Glad he's okay, though.
  10. Scooped him up after reading this article: http://www.stltoday.com/sports/baseball/professional/cardinal-beat/cardinals-call-up-weaver-vow-that-he-won-t-just/article_db1042c5-9a51-5367-acce-b132ccf2e8dd.html
  11. Grrrr WHY DID I DROP MY BOY KEON BROXTON I hope he goes back into the deep freeze again or this stupid rage drop will seriously hamper my enjoyment of the rest of the season. Seems every year I do something totally brainless. When will I ever learn?!
  12. I wonder if there's any chance of Maddon giving KB a shot at leadoff to get his bat going. Worked for Rizzo and Contreras.
  13. As dreadful as his numbers were on Tuesday, I wouldn't mind holding on to this guy in my NA slot in case he figures it out or the Cards use him as a Miller-lite type reliever. But Yahoo hasn't given him the NA tag yet. Is he still on the active roster? I can't really find anything on Google regarding his status.
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