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  1. Last 6 starts: 6-0, 35.1IP, 39Ks, 3.57era, 1.075WHIP Impressive vs. Bos and @LAD How you guys viewing his next couple starts at this crucial point? @Tex today @Bos, @Tor the next week (QF in Yahoo) vs Tor the next week (SF) @Tex the next week (Finals) Not the best projected schedule to end the year...
  2. Looking like: vs. Cin @Was vs. KC vs. Mil @Ari vs. Was @Phi to close out the year. Been beaten up by Washington, Milwaukee, and DBacks this year. Looked good in his starts against the Phillies and KC is always a good matchup. Really gotta decide if it's worth it to toss him out there in those tough games at the point.
  3. Bass in the 8th and he looks like absolute trash.
  4. So is that run against deGrom going to be an earned run? Runner scored on Alonso's error, but if runner was on 3rd is it assumed runner scores on groundball?
  5. Getting off topic but Player Rater is just standard deviations above the mean for each stat for a player. So ESPN will see what the average number of HRs players in the MLB have, what the standard deviation is for that stat, and then use those to determine the PR value for each player. If the average number of HRs in the MLB for a batter is 15, and the standard deviation is 3, and player X hit 21 homeruns, their PR value for HR would be (21-15)/3 = 2 So ESPN isn't really "overvaluing" one stat or another, its just that so many batters don't steal bases tha
  6. Is the guy toast at this point? Or do we think a 9 homer in 18 day stretch is still in there somewhere?
  7. Is the guy toast at this point? Or do we think a 10 homer in 20 day stretch is still in there somewhere?
  8. I would say Yandy Diaz. Bats leadoff or 4th so he'll get a good amount of runs and rbis in that offense. Dozier a close second, perhaps a bit more power.
  9. Fowler is going to give you 8HR, 5steals and a 260 average. Dyson could steal a bunch of bases and Santana has a higher ceiling than Fowler. Would probably say Fowler as well.
  10. Team is in sig. Wondering if I should try to sell high on Bauer (statcast data a bit worrying) to try to improve my offense. I haven't watched Thor at all this year but the numbers say he's getting unlucky? Could him and Bauer be a wash ROS? Good enough upgrade to get Chapman?
  11. Anyone know if Smoak is playing today? Yahoo update has him as sitting out, but then show him in the 3 spot.
  12. Shoemaker making Miggy look foolish. Pour one out for the best hitter of the 21st century.
  13. Snell got screwed on his AB vs Chirinos. Dropped a breaking ball on the corner which should have been strike 3. Inning would have been over after the subsequent flyout after Chirinos walk. Instead we get a 3 run blemish. Sigh.
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