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  1. Kershaw Piazza Kemp Bellinger Feel like I might be missing someone
  2. I dont care about 30+ (or even 20+ year olds to be fair) whining about the All Star game while they watch on TV. I care about the thousands of kids from the greater LA area who would love to see stars from other teams they might see a few times a decade in person if they are lucky. Maybe get an autograph or picture taken. To take that away would be a damn shame, I see happy kids at every single All Star game. If they are playing the season, then give the kids what they want and play the All Star game.
  3. I'm hoping everyone is still paranoid when they start the season, buy the cheapest tickets in the stadium, the ones block by a concrete pillar or something and then move down to the rich seats....
  4. Sorry if this was posted https://sports.yahoo.com/2017-title-away-astros-heres-175505771.html "Verducci revealed that out of 51 sliders and curves Kershaw threw in that game he got ZERO swings and misses. None. Which is ridiculous. Impossible."
  5. If everything worked out this season in regards to pitching (call ups, no injuries,no demotions etc) I could potentially run 8-9 starters in a weekly points league. 5 SP and 5 RP spots. I've never had this happen so no clue if it will be potentially great or not. But in a weekly league, I could get possibly 15+ starts compared to around 7-8 from my opponent.
  6. My hope that this is a hoax is fading...... might be watching Kobe youtube videos and drinking soon......
  7. I have made a single move in one league where I'm about to be 4-0. Adding Devonte Graham. I think as long as Lebron doesnt get hurt I can coast to the playoffs just on that one move.
  8. I needed 1.2 from the legendary Deebo, he had 3 targets and caught one and did not get 1.2 points. If he caught one more pass for 1 yard I win
  9. Well at least the season will be fair now
  10. I lost by less than 2 pts with Devonte Freeman Jared Cook sucking AMD Hopkins going off 😞
  11. 33 points from Hopkins, J.Cook. Tough but doable, thank you Big Ben and Connor for giving me hope
  12. He seems like a dart throw to win you a week or lose it. Great advice I know! I would pick him up if he was available in my league as a Rams fan who watches him every week but Gurley turned it on in the 2nd half
  13. Davante Parker, Danny Amendola, Trey Quinn, DJ Clark Jr, PAUL RICHARDSON, what do they all have in common! They all scored more than bum Devonta Freeman on my bench. I literally picked the worst free agent (auction) out of so many good ones.
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