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  1. So I am in a 12 team dynasty league. I have a solid chance to win the league this year. I have been offered Flaherty and Osuna for Baez and Gore, Would you take that deal? I also have Torres at 2B and Bregman at SS, so Baez currently plays the MI position. My pitching is getting older - Verlander hurt, Strasburg hurt, Grienke, so Flaherty would be a huge boost to the rotation this year, whereas Gore will probably begin to help next year. I know the golden rule in dynasty is win this year, but I just feel like Gore and Baez is a big price to pay. Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the help on mine. I would take the Bryant and Kimbrel side of this deal. I believe Kimbrel signs, with a good team, on June 2 when the draft pick compensation goes away. I think Bryant is the better player over Ozuna and his swing looks good again. So the 3-8 saves you will miss out on with Chapman, while Kimbrel is unsigned is worth the upgrade of Bryant to me. I view Chapman and Kimbrel as equal on June 2.
  3. Can start 11 games a week. Currently have Cole, Bauer, Grienke, Minor, ERod, Corbin, German, and stream the rest to reach 11.
  4. I would trade my Austin Riley for his Justin Verlander. I am currently in first place and have a solid chance at winning the league this year. I currently have Rendon and Bregman on my team at 3B, but now that Riley is playing OF in AAA i'm a little more hesitant to move him. Should i trade a potential 30-40 HR a year guy for the next 8 years for an Ace who will definitely help my team this year more than Riley, but could retire at the end of the year? Thanks for your help.
  5. H2H 2 Keeper League. My keepers are most likely Alutve and Freeman. Which player do you like ROS Albies or Scooter? and by how much? I have been offered Scooter and Lester for Albies and Mikolas. I’m not sure I would do that deal, but believe I could replace Lester with Kluber because of how bad he wants Albies. If I can get Kluber should I do the deal? If not, should I do it with Lester? I am a huge Braves fan so having Albies involved I’m looking through my Braves colored googles and having a hard time figuring out his true value. Thanks.
  6. In a H2H standard league it looks like my final keeper (20 keepers ) is going to be either Adam Jones or Matt Olsen. Who are you keeping? and if you feel like explaining why that would be great. Thanks!
  7. Your pick in a 14 team H2H dynasty league and you have to pick one of these two guys, who are you taking?
  8. 14 team H2H dynasty league... Do you want Yasiel Puig or Derek Fisher?
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