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  1. You absolutely pick him up. If nothing else, you let him sit on your bench till he gets hot and flip him for something. You pick him up.
  2. Anyone? Trying to figure out if I bench him or risk it
  3. $50 FAAB remaining, how much would you spend?
  4. Didn't think so, just wanted to make sure. Oh well! Thanks for the quick response!
  5. No shot for him to contribute in ‘19, right?
  6. Kier or Eaton...if it’s a keeper, I would go Verdugo, Lowe, Frazier hekp me with mine? Cargo or Schwarber ROS?
  7. Absolutely. Help me out as well? Schwarber/Cargo thread.
  8. 12 team Roto, OBP and SLG ROS do you go Schwarber or Cargo?
  9. Thinking of just benching the guy. Play in a Roto league, can slot Moose in for him who has been doing well over the last week. Am I crazy to bench him and just not ride it out?
  10. Hey all, looks like I have the opportunity to trade the following... i give: Luzardo, Alvarado and a 1st Rd pick i get: Khris Davis and Jansen the team is rebuilding but do with think people will flag this for collusion? The way the owner presents it is he gets a 1st for Davis and the closer and Luzardo for Jansen...I just don’t wanna cause drama.
  11. Loaisiga or Alcantara ROS? Roto, IP, K/9, ERA, WHIP, QS
  12. I grabbed him in my Roto league last night, hoping for good things. I remember the hype around him a bit last year on these forums before injury so here’s to hoping!
  13. Hoskins though that’s tough with the hype. Phillies will be good, Hoskins has good OBP, good production, good pop.
  14. Who would you rather in a keeper? 12 teams, keep 8... i give: G.Sanchez/P.Alonso i get: F.Freeman keepers would be Freeman, Bellinger, J.Ramirez, T.Turner, Soto, Judge, Severino, Acuna
  15. He ended up getting cold feet and reneging on trout. Still ended up with Ramirez though!
  16. Roto keeper...OBP and SLG...would you rather Trout or Ramirez in a keeper/dynasty? Would be giving Sale and picks for Trout OR Ramirez and picks. Current keepers: Sanchez (C), Bellinger, Acuna, Soto, Turner (SS), Sale, Severino, Judge
  17. Which wide you got? Keeper league, Roto, keep 8... i give: Correa, Carlos Martinez and my first round pick this year i get Severino, Soto my 8 keepers would be: G.Sanchez, Bellinger, T.Turner, Soto, Sale, Severino, Judge, Acuna
  18. Curious what everyone thinks...any shot at starting the year in the bigs and getting a true shot or do we think he will be at AAA for another season?
  19. Mans now the Yankees in on a deal for Archer...not looking good other than as a RP
  20. I offered Justin Turner and Acuna, he shot it down and said he didn’t know who Acuna was ?
  21. Harper owner in my league just placed him on the block, so I make an offer? keeper league, keep 4, no limit... my keepers are currently Trout, Machado, Betts, Acuna but also have Goldy. do I offer Goldy and Acuna for Harper or do we think Acuna is gonna end up better or equivalent?
  22. I have a lot of pitching and a gaping hole at 2B, which 2B for ROS Carpenter, Gannett or Muncy?
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