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  1. For context...we keep 4...OBP/QS/SVs+Hlds - league 6x6.


    my 4 keepers are Machado, Trout, Betts, Acuna


    would you make this...I need power...


    I give: Goldy, Adell, 24th Rd Pick

    I get: E3, Lowrie, 4th Rd Pick


    i don’t have a pick in the first 6 rounds...


    My current squad:

    C - Cervelli

    1B - Goldy

    2B - DeJong

    3B - J.Turner

    SS - Machado

    OF - Trout

    OF - Betts

    OF - Winker

    OF - Acuna

    UTIL - Gurriel

    BN - Adams, Mejia

    NA - Adell


    SP - Thor, Verlander, Stripling, Morton, Paxton, Bauer, Nola, Bieber, Beuhler

    RP - Kimbrel, Norris, Ottavino, Hicks, Romo, McHugh

    DL - Strasburg, A.Miller

  2. Too soon to grab and hold for this year in a 12 team, Roto keeper where we keep 8 each year and there is offseason trading?


    if he is going to jump the ranks quickly and we could be looking at a cup of coffee this year and a June/July call next...probably worth grabbing. 

  3. Currently in Year 2 of a rebuild, have killed it in my opinion but am now at a cross roads and need your input/insight: Who is the odd man out? Thought about possibly packaging Torres with someone for an upgrade but don’t know who or what...Plus I like the idea of Torres and having a 20 year old 2B keeper.


    Roto 12 Team Keeper - Keep 8 - OBP, SLG, K/9


    Keepers/Potential Keepers:

    C - Sanchez

    1B - Bellinger

    2B - Torres

    SS - Correa

    OF - Acuna

    OF - Judge

    UTIL - T.Turner

    SP - Sale

    SP - C.Martinez

  4. Barraclough, Holland, Pomeranz, Ross


    have to drop 2...who would you let walk?


    here is my staff...


    Roto - IP, SV, ERA, WHIP, K/9, QS


    SP - Darvish, Sale, Strasburg, Ross, Pomeranz, Newcomb, Garcia (MIA), Happ, Teheran


    RP - (can only start 3) - Herrera, Middleton, Ottavino, Holland, Barraclough 

  5. Hey All,


    Just made a trade in my 12 team, 8 keeper, roto (OBP) money league....Did I blow it?


    I rebuilt last year to the point where my draft is done in Round 15 so I have a bunch of picks, keep that in mind. We keep 8 that get tacked onto the front end of the draft so the first round is actually the 9th round. They league really values pitching with it being 8 keepers so its kinda tough to come by arms.


    I give: Berrios, Buxton, my 10th round pick (i have 2 more earlier in the round)

    I get: Strasburg, his 13th Round pick (3rd pick of the round)


    My keepers: G.Sanchez, Bellinger, Judge, Acuna, Strasburg, W.Myers, Devers, Hoskins


    Fringe players until rosters cut down from 12 to our final 8....G.Bird, B.Rodgers, A.Russell

  6. 13 minutes ago, Dark Kn19ht said:

    As far as I know the "DL" designation the ESPN refers to is only the MLB DL designation, not the MiLB designation. He will just be "DTD"....


    Lol, this is devistating. I now have to rely on Story figuring it out consistently or The Terrible Organization known as the Mets to call up Rosario.


    Same here man, same here. Really sucks...I thought he was a sure thing for my roster.

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