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  1. Getting Tommy John....as a fantasy owner and Yankees fan, this is devastating news.
  2. Again, this is why I'm not interested in him. Mets organization is a joke. Trade him to whoever wants him for the highest return you can.
  3. This is exactly why I'm not interested in the guy. Dealing with the Mets organization isn't worth it...prospects come and go...there will be another big deal next year. I would rather pay a premium for someone than hope the Mets figure their ish out...whenever that may be.
  4. Problem I have with owning stock in him is that the Mets will treat this guy like they did Conforto...sending him up and down multiple times for the first year
  5. It's kinda a joke at this point, no? I know Joseph is blocking him and everything but at some point, don't you find a spot for this bat? The OF or something?
  6. This is my thought as well. I think they have seen what they need to from Headley. They will keep him for utility and leadership but if Torres shows he is ready, Headley will not be the one stopping him.
  7. Thats comforting haha. I'll have Trout, Betts, Kershaw most likely as my other three keepers, and then Torres. i can't wait to see what this kid can do in the majors.
  8. I paid Rizzo, Kipnis, Clint Frazier for N.Cruz, Keuchel, Torres...I know I overpaid but we only keep 4 and I am loaded up right now. This trade will help me a bunch more this year and help me fill a hole at SS/3B. With Rizzo 28 and having a doen year, it may be a good time to move. Like I said, I think I paid a bunch but 2-4 elite from Rizzo or 10 from Torres
  9. http://s.nj.com/AGpWzqg a little read for you all. I just bought him in my keeper, paid up big but I'm on the train!
  10. Bigs or Farm? I'm guess farm based on the above comments
  11. Haha whoops!! Not sure how I missed him
  12. Wish this kid was in the Yahoo database
  13. Yea, off-season or when a player is added to a teams 40 man roster. (I've contacted Yahoo support about these things in the past ?)
  14. Im with you there. I think what you are going to see with the Yankees this year is a little what you saw this the Cubs the last two years. Youth breaking through before expected and they will make a couple deals at the deadline for some SPs and could make a run. They fall short and are primed and ready for 2018/2019 runs.
  15. Yea, I can't imagine he is THAT much better than Moncada and he was in the minors for 1-2+
  16. I so badly want this kid called up to what is already an exciting Yankees team to watch. Get Headley outta here and let this kid play!
  17. Yea, I am trying like crazy to keep my tabs on this forum. I am in a massive rebuild and would LOVE to get a young arm to build upon. This is impressive and I am interested in seeing where he goes.
  18. 9 Ks in 3.2 IP? 2 dudes didnt strike out vs him? Wow.
  19. Probably a few years away given age, and most likely following a Moncada track. This fair to assume?
  20. Any updates on this dude? I see Ken Rosenthal said he could be signing as early as May 20th. Trying to figure out how much FAAB to throw at Zimmer and still have enough to outpay my league on Robert.
  21. Agreed. I could see Castro move to 3B though and Torres slot in to SS, Didi to 2B or 3B. It will work itself out but a hole opens once Headley is gone after this year (I think).
  22. There ANY SHOT this dude is up this year?
  23. Yea, haven't forgotten him. My guess is one of these guys go to LF or maybe Mateo to CF once Els is gone?
  24. Yup, looks likely. I wonder how soon he makes the big club. Still a couple years? My guess is Didi at SS, slide Castro to 3B and Torres 2B? Or Didi to 2B and Torres SS
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