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  1. I'm concerned about the weather in Miami. Is anyone watching the pre-game and able to see the conditions? Is it safe to start Fitz or should unroll with Cousins?
  2. I would still go Winston. He's proven and shown he can play at a very high level, even after he lost his two stud receivers. Thanks for mine
  3. Sutton and Perriman. I understand its risky but he's shown that Winston cam trust him. Carson and Fournette. Higbee Broncos Flex Kupp Help with mine?
  4. Chark in the flex. Everything else looks good. Help with mine? https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792103-is-it-safe-to-drop-godwin-in-championship-week/
  5. This is really tough. I'd stick with Landry. He helped get you to this point. For the second I'd go with Drake. I could see the argument for any combination of these though. Help with mine?
  6. Is it safe to drop Godwin? Is there any chance at all he plays week 16? There isnt much information out there and I doubt the MRI results will be released right away.
  7. That's tough. You can try and offer Mattison and McCoy. Might sound like you're giving up a lot and you probably are. But it's tough to gage Gordon's value until we see more work from him. Help with mine?
  8. I was about to say do it. Lol. Sorry it didnt work out. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/784620-breeschark-for-engramwoods/
  9. Yeah this was a solid trade. Help with mine?
  10. Definitely grab him. Especially if only giving up DWilliams. Help with mine?
  11. I'd go with Cousins against that KV defense. Help with mine
  12. I'd stick with Green. If not, then Kirk. Help with mine?
  13. You won this trade. Thanks for mine. I got another offer. Could you review this?
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