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  1. Just trying to gage our interest in any other Falcons pass catchers now...
  2. Probably done for the year. Big time bummer.
  3. Best buy in fantasy football right now. Schedule lightens up after being almost comically bad so far, Baker just peppered him with targets, and it's Week 11...who still has faith in this guy? Scared money don't make money.
  4. Rams offensive line got even worse this week too. Losing your center is no joke. I thought Kupp would be a great buy low a la Evans after his goose egg earlier this season but CHI and BAL next two weeks + DAL and SF in the playoffs makes me very hesitant.
  5. The question you have to ask yourself here is what is the gap between an available Sunday TE and a healthy Kittle vs that same Sunday TE and Hollister? I think you can make a strong case for guys like Gesicki, Doyle, Ebron, Jonnu, Everett being closer to Kittle than they are to Hollister, only because we have to assume that even if Kittle plays there's a definite chance that he'll be on a snap count.
  6. Buy window is pretty open right now imo. Absolute cake schedule ROS and with no set timetable for return I think you can get away with 75 cents on the dollar for a guy who can carry you to a championship. Pitch the uncertainty and Samuels possibly stealing passing down work (won't actually happen).
  7. Starting him over Kittle in PPR with the uncertainty surrounding Kittle's availability Monday night. This is a sneaky bad spot for Titans WRs and a sneaky good spot for Jonnu.
  8. Optimism is back, trade value is (mostly) back, and he remains an injury risk with a difficult schedule. Even though I don't personally think he's affected by schedule difficulty like other QBs, dare I say this might be the time to dangle him in trades if you've been riding a backup QB you trust? For a guy who's at his best when scrambling and using his athleticism to extend plays and wear out defenses, does it worry anyone else that we'll probably see him stay much more within the pocket behind the same offensive line that wasn't protecting him before?
  9. Schedule coming out of the bye is super tough. NO, Car, TB, NO, Car, SF, Jax. Does anyone think he might be able to overcome the rough run defenses and be a serviceable RB2 in PPR though given his huge involvement in the passing game?
  10. He's more talented but for fantasy how is he really that different than Carlos Hyde? Hines takes all of the passing game usage. He has a nice rush yardage floor week to week but you're basically hoping for a TD to get to the ceiling, which is maybe 20 PPR points? Barely a RB2 in PPR, probably more of a FLEX guy.
  11. He's more appealing in PPR than standard or half imo. Rudolph loves to throw to his backs and Samuels is a pretty good receiver. I would think 4-5 catches is a good bet.
  12. Lack of involvement in the pass game is a real killer, which is what has guys in similar situations ahead of him (Jacobs, Conner, etc). He's also been unlucky in the TD department given his usage. But I don't know how much you can expect things to change.
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