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  1. I like the Robinson for Kyler like someone else said try to get a throw in. I would make that move or package Robinson in a 2 for 1 at receiver.
  2. He has Kamara but don’t see him parting ways Give: DJ Moore, James Robinson Get: DeAndre Hopkins, Joshua Kelly WR/Flex would be Ridley, Thomas, Hopkins RB Connor, Jacobs Singletary, RoJo, Kelly, Gaskins RB Bench Fuller, Gage, Preston Williams WR Bench Leave a link
  3. Can we wait for 12 and do an auction later? Not making game time at this point.
  4. Can you switch from auction? Not a chance auction finishes before game but snake will.
  5. I dont beleive I received an invite or the other individual brandonkupfer87@gmail.com waspreng@yahoo.com
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